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Active XHTTP

HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Overview of the HTTP protocol from W3C.

HTTP Cookie Information

How to implement cookies into your website.


Good overview of HTTP cookies and how to use them.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.0

Technical information relating to HTTP.

IDM Web Server FAQ

FAQ's on web servers and related issues.

Introduction to ActiveX

This guide is fairly comprehensive (if a little incomplete) at the moment, it (will) takes you through all aspects of ActiveX control creation starting with Visual Basic ActiveX creation, progressing to Java and Visual C++ methods of creation.

Introduction to UNIX for Web Developers

Covers essential commands as well as advanced tools.

Introduction to XHTML, with eXamples

XHTML? Find out how the proposed successor to HTML4 can help you prepare your site for the Web of the future.

Introduction to XML For Web Developers

Using simple, well-explained examples this tutorial walks you through XML and the sister XSL style sheet language.

Learn Unix by Example

Excellent guide for learning the Unix OS. Examples for many common tasks.

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