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20 Questions on VRML

Covers VRML basics, from Builder.com.

A Beginner's Guide to VRML

This is a primer for producing worlds in VRML, the developing standard 3D modeling language for use on the internet.

The VRML Repository

If you are interested in VRML, this is the best place to start. Lots of information on everything you ever wanted to know about VRML.

Virtual World Wide Web Wide Web

Includes many VRML resources, tools and examples.

VRML 97: Now's the Time

Discusses the new VRML specification, from webreference.com.

VRML Brasil

Brazilian mailing list.


Nice FAQ section on VRML. Also includes Java and JavaScript FAQ.


Discussion group about VRML in Spanish.

VRMLSite Magazine

Contains links, resources, tutorials, and other information.


Includes VRML models, tutorials, etc.



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