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404 Error Message

by Vita V. September 01, 2006
Anyone who uses a computer on a regular basis has been faced with a 404 error message. This aggravating little obstacle to our research or fun-search endeavors can be a bit of an annoyance for most of us. The 404 error message commonly appears when we request a URL that the server does not have.


Learn everything about bots (aka robots), spiders, intelligent agents. Includes links to various bot resources.

HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Overview of the HTTP protocol from W3C.

HTTP Cookie Information

How to implement cookies into your website.


Good overview of HTTP cookies and how to use them.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.0

Technical information relating to HTTP.

IDM Web Server FAQ

FAQ's on web servers and related issues.

NCSA HTTPd Tutorials

Various tutorials regarding setting up web servers.


Bringing You News, Reviews, and Downloads for Web Server... - ServerWatch tracks the most popular 'Net servers including Apache, IIS, RedHat Linux, Windows NT, and a host of other Web Servers, and more.

The Web Robots Pages

Information on robots (aka spiders), programs that traverse the Web automatically. Includes an FAQ and information on the Robots Exclusion protocol, a way to keep robots off your site.

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