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Active XHTTP

Time for Server-Side Includes

Short but helpful introduction to SSI. Includes several important commands and examples.

Uncanny Programming

This page contains various programming tutorials that the other pages never teach you. CSS, Active Channel, XML, and Dynamic Fonts are some of the many cool programming tips that you will learn here, and virtually nowhere else.

UNIX Command Summary

A small list of basic Unic commands.

Unix for Dummies

Good introduction to the UNIX OS. Simple explanations and examples to get you started.

UNIX-Getting Your Feet Wet

Good basic introduction, contains some information specific to the University of Chicago.

UNIXhelp for Users

Includes secitons on shell scripting and managing processes.

Virtual World Wide Web Wide Web

Includes many VRML resources, tools and examples.

Visual Basic Web Directory

A comprehensive guide and directory featuring thousands of categorized web resources for Visual Basic, ActiveX, VBScript, ASP, and more.

VRML 97: Now's the Time

Discusses the new VRML specification, from webreference.com.

VRML Brasil

Brazilian mailing list.

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