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The New Facebook Platform

June 12, 2007

On average,one in four people uses Firefox

May 28, 2007
There is some variation in the Firefox usage percentage across web metrics services. The discrepancy, however, does not occlude the continuing trend of rising Firefox usage.

Silverlight Takes Center Stage

April 23, 2007
Last week Microsoft introduced their answer to Adobe's ubiquitous Flash platform. The official announcement was made at a conference of the National Association of Broadcasters. Microsoft Silverlight is a proprietary platform thatfor video, vector graphics, and animations. Thus, web developers have a new multimedia platform to play with.

WebKnowhow Industry Watch

March 19, 2007

WebKnowhow Industry Watch

March 02, 2007

Designing Email for Outlook 2007

February 26, 2007
Outlook has been Microsoft's primary scheduling and email solution for 10 years now. A number of versions have been released over the years, but the latest Outlook 2007 introduces one of the most significant overhauls in the history of the program. With the release of Outlook 2007, Microsoft changed the rendering engine of the mail program from an Internet Explorer-based one to the engine integrated into Word 2007.

WebKnowhow Industry Watch

February 23, 2007

Past, Present and Future of the World Wide Web
A short history

February 02, 2007
The internet is a multi-layered network of global scale: it is the medium of e-mail, file transfer, chat, and more. But the majority of people equate the internet to the World Wide Web -- the vast ecosystem of interconnected websites that has become so important to business and day-to-day communication.



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