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RSS Feed Basics

by Tim Gocken October 09, 2006
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) provides an easy way to monitor fresh content. RSS feeds highlight new material so you don't have to repeatedly check a site yourself for updates.

Displaying RSS Feeds on Your Web Page

by Sanjay Johari May 12, 2006
The article outlines simple steps for displaying RSS feeds on the web page. This keeps the content of the page updated without intervention.

A Guide to XML

Good introduction to XML.

Extensible Markup Language (XML)

Excellent resource for those interested in XML. Contains FAQ, links, events, and more.

Introduction to XHTML, with eXamples

XHTML? Find out how the proposed successor to HTML4 can help you prepare your site for the Web of the future.

Introduction to XML For Web Developers

Using simple, well-explained examples this tutorial walks you through XML and the sister XSL style sheet language.

STG XML Validator

Comprehensive tool for checking the structural integrity and correctness of XML document instances.

Structuring Data with XML

Learn everything you need to know about XML from ZDNet.

The XML Files

A collection of tutorials on various aspects of XML, from Web Review.

Uncanny Programming

This page contains various programming tutorials that the other pages never teach you. CSS, Active Channel, XML, and Dynamic Fonts are some of the many cool programming tips that you will learn here, and virtually nowhere else.

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