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Web Tools for Writers

by Tech Social April 29, 2020
As a writer, you must have resources and materials to enable you to gather information, proofread your work, and edit the contents. However, you need to manage your time in writing. In a day, you will have a pile of jobs to complete to meet the deadline and satisfy your clients.

6 Tips on How to Learn Internet Marketing

by Alan Rich May 23, 2019
Internet marketing is a skill that you must learn if you want to do business online. It is just like when you be a salesman for a local store, you need to know the art of persuading people to get them buying your product.

How To Conduct Your Online Business Ethically in 2018

by James Helliwell March 21, 2018
Customers now have information on their fingertips and can make decisions in real-time. The online market has opened up to people from all over the world and now customers can get services without necessarily meeting with the seller.

What You Need To Know About Web Risk Management

by Harry Trott March 02, 2017
If there’s one term that paralyzes an online business with fear, it is probably cyber threats. The nature and volume of cyber risks are changing with the dynamic landscape of the internet.

A Go-To Reference for Drafting a Website Development Contracts

by Harry Trott January 24, 2017
The most often repeated bit of advice when developing websites is to have watertight contracts in place for all collaborations. This bit of advice is also, unfortunately, the most often ignored.

The Secret behind Microsoft Choosing Not to Buy Salesforce Unveiled

by Jenny Richards October 01, 2015
The market was abuzz with the news of an unspecified firm taking over Salesforce last month only. According to some reports from Bloomberg talks were in progress between the undisclosed suitor and the Salesforce team.

The Battle of the Content Management Systems: a Look at Drupal and WordPress The main event!

by Jack Dawson September 17, 2015
If this were a professional wrestling match, the battle between Drupal and WordPress would definitely be the main event for the heavyweight champion of the world. I mean, you can’t get any better than these two giants in the CMS market.

RSS Feed Basics

by Tim Gocken October 09, 2006
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) provides an easy way to monitor fresh content. RSS feeds highlight new material so you don't have to repeatedly check a site yourself for updates.

404 Error Message

by Vita V. September 01, 2006
Anyone who uses a computer on a regular basis has been faced with a 404 error message. This aggravating little obstacle to our research or fun-search endeavors can be a bit of an annoyance for most of us. The 404 error message commonly appears when we request a URL that the server does not have.

Displaying RSS Feeds on Your Web Page

by Sanjay Johari May 12, 2006
The article outlines simple steps for displaying RSS feeds on the web page. This keeps the content of the page updated without intervention.

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