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Creating Paint Shop Pro Web Graphics by Andy Shafran

Learn to create and manipulate graphics for the web using Paint Shop Pro, one of the most popular image editing applications available.

Creating Web Graphics

Lots of useful information on creating graphics for the web.

Deed Plotter

An easy to use program.

Designing Web Graphics-2 by Lynda Weinman

Highly recommended! Many useful tips and guidelines for creating great web graphics. Includes crossplatform compatibility, web color and file compression techniques.

DHTML Nirvana

Dynamic HTML tutorials and free DHTML scripts from Eddie Traversa featuring the Nirvana, Jim Dandy, and Pretty Lady interfaces.

Eclipse Ezine

Online Ezine for Web Development and Graphic Designers. Find Jobs, Tips, Tricks, Lessons, Funny Stuff and more right here!

File Formats FAQ

A huge FAQ concerning file formats and such. General info on file types, conversion programs, as well as information on where specific info can be found are included in this FAQ.

Font Pool

Searcvh through hundreds of cool fonts.

Fonts & Graphics

Free resource guide. Many links to the font sites. You will see that there is a new font! It's called Tidy Curve TV. 

Fractal Design

Fractal Design is great for adding various special effects to your images.

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