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Algorithms FAQ

This is the FAQ of comp.graphics.algorithms. It contains inforormation about all sorts of algorithms used in computer graphics. Some topics include 2D and 3D transformations, bezier splines, and a little rendering.

Color Space FAQ

Has everything you wanted to know (and more) about color, gamma, and all sorts of related topics..Has everything you wanted to know (and more) about color, gamma, and all sorts of related topics.

Computer Animation FAQ

This is the FAQ of comp.graphics.animation. It contains general information about computer graphics and animation, as well as info on computer animation programs, file formats, and companies.

Computer Animation Schools FAQ

Finally, a FAQ which answers the many questions people have about computer animation schools. (Actually more like a huge list of schools with computer animation courses).

Computer Graphics FAQ

This is the FAQ of comp.graphics.misc. Contains information about all sorts of things having to do with graphics including (but not limited to) file formats, rendering, computer graphics mailing lists, and SIGGRAPH.

File Formats FAQ

A huge FAQ concerning file formats and such. General info on file types, conversion programs, as well as information on where specific info can be found are included in this FAQ.

Graphics Index

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Technical Illustration FAQ

Deals with general information concerning technical illustration. Talks about programs, platforms, and other aspects in this field.



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