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CometZone is a free service that allows webbuilders to change the pointer on their Website into cool, custom images. The library is growing monthly and includes a wide variety of licensed and non-licensed images including Star Trek, Garfield, South Park a

Computer Animation FAQ

This is the FAQ of comp.graphics.animation. It contains general information about computer graphics and animation, as well as info on computer animation programs, file formats, and companies.

Computer Animation Schools FAQ

Finally, a FAQ which answers the many questions people have about computer animation schools. (Actually more like a huge list of schools with computer animation courses).

Computer Graphics FAQ

This is the FAQ of comp.graphics.misc. Contains information about all sorts of things having to do with graphics including (but not limited to) file formats, rendering, computer graphics mailing lists, and SIGGRAPH.

Cool Archive

Over 750 free fonts, 4000 icons, animations, web graphics, backgrounds, sounds, applications, html & photoshop tips, and much more. An online logo generator and button maker offered too!

Cool Banners for the web!

Banners That Will Drive Massive Traffic To Your Site!


Nice with lots of information if you're interested in graphics. Includes a newsletter and discussion forum.

Corel Draw Tutorials

How to create animated logos, text effects, buttons, and drop shadows.

Creating Graphics for the Web

Covers a rapidly developing field of Web design: making things more interactive with Netscape's JavaScript language. As you might expect we show you how to make it happen without bogging you down in technical details, so you can get on with the business o

Creating Great Web Graphics by Laurie McCanna

Explains how to create professional, low-resolution graphics for a Web site, a detailed tutorial shows how to create icons, type, background tiles, and images and covers such topics as transparent gifs, plug-in filters, 3-D type, and how to work with Nets

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