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Algorithms FAQ

This is the FAQ of comp.graphics.algorithms. It contains inforormation about all sorts of algorithms used in computer graphics. Some topics include 2D and 3D transformations, bezier splines, and a little rendering.

Andy's Art Attack

Free original GIF89 animations, backgrounds, Photoshop tips, HTML tips & tutorials, icons, buttons, bullet points, arrows, etc.

Animation City

A nice collection of animated Gif's. The website design makes viewing and searching for the Gif's very easy.

Animation Library

Over 3500 excellent free animations for you to use on your website, plus articles, reviews, tutorials, and everything else related to animated graphics.

Animations and Graphics for your Website

Lots of images and art available for your website. Many different categories and subjects.

Anthony's Icon Library

A small image library filled with icons of all sorts.

ARG Cartoon Animation

Web's #1 cartoon studio, with over 2,500 FREE animated GIFs, all original, including a dancing cartoon alphabet, over 450 NEW dancing NAMES, online greeting cards and dancing words!This site gets more than 9 million hits a month!

Art for the web

Free graphics including complete page templates. Suitable for businesses as well as personal pages.

Asianet's Animations

An extensive compilation of FREE animated graphics for use on your web pages. Choose The Asia Network as your one stop source for backgrounds, icons, buttons, lines, and animations.

Asianet's Icons

Extensive collection of Free icons. One of the best compilations on the Internet

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