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How to Give Your Business a Boost With a Mobile App

What Can a Mobile App Do for Your Business and How to You Start About It?

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Ashley Wilson
March 15, 2019

Ashley Wilson

Ashley Wilson is a digital nomad and freelance writer from San Diego, California. When she is not busy baking cupcakes, Ashley loves writing about business, digital marketing, and finance.

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Today, a growing number of businesses invest in custom app development. Why should a company consider using this strategy? What benefits do commercial enterprises gain by commissioning tailored applications for use in smart phones and other mobile devices? This brief article seeks to address some of these practical considerations.


Mobile Technology: A Vital Marketing Tool

Possibly the steep increase in the design of customized applications during recent years owes much to a vibrant, growing market in small screen, portable electronic devices. From cell phones and tablets to notebooks, laptops, and wearable tech, numerous gadgets help people remain connected to the Internet from multiple locations. Consumers no longer access the Internet strictly through fixed, stationary standalone computers. This trend has boosted the commercial marketplace for wireless communications dramatically since the first releaseof the iPhone in 2007.


An influential study conducted recently under the auspices of the Pew Research Center confirmed the dominant position of mobile technology today. Significant numbers of Americans utilize smart phones as a primary means of accessing the Internet. This development holds great significance for companies engaging in the creation of applications for Android devices and other mobile technologies. While software companies during previous generations worked to develop mainly streamlined products for use in PCs and Macs, today a thriving market exists for the creation of customized applications intended for mobile devices.


Boosting Business Using Mobile Applications

Many IT companies design and program personalized apps for brick-and-mortar or online businesses. These sleek products usually offer scalar potentials. Entrepreneurs enjoy a remarkable opportunity to use IO and Android appsto direct smart phone and tablet users directly to specific commercial websites or product lines. Mobile apps offer a seamless link to potentially revenue-enhancing information and sales opportunities.


Consider just a few marketing benefits inherent in this process. First, consumers frequently share apps with one another. By investing in a tailored, useful application, a business may allow prospective customers to download an app, and then perform highly effective word-of-mouth advertising for the company through subsequent app sharing. Second, a single investment in a popular customized app permits a business (or a nonprofit organization) to win repeated recognitionfrom consumers. Growing numbers of people download the product from app stores as the reputation of a successful application spreads online. Third, customized apps supply a way for a company to direct prospective customersdirectlyto its proprietary websites and products. Unlike larger, PC software programs, many apps do not facilitate extensive links to multiple sites. An app user in effect may become a guaranteed site visitor.


Developing a Personalized Relationship With Customers

Indeed, some customized mobile apps offer even more benefits for their creators. These small snippets of code help facilitate the development of a long term online relationship between a commercial enterprise and its patrons. By sending a prospective customer directly to the app sponsor, the application helps cultivate loyal customers. Site owners use the app as a tool to recruit new prospects. Many mobile app developers add loyalty programsand other incentives to encourage repeat business.


In order to create an effective online customized app, sponsors need to ensure the software serves prospective customersin some way. The merit of the underlying application may contribute to the owner's long term return on investment. Easily duplicated, poorly working applications won't necessarily generate a lot of public interest. Highly useful, well-designed productswill!


Harnessing a Bright Future

As the capabilities of hand-held digital devices grow ever-more impressive, the marketing prospects of customized applications appear highly promising. The Google Search Engine a few years ago revised its ranking algorithm. It prioritized sites displaying well on small mobile screens more highly for SEO purposes. To some degree, this decision appears prescient. It recognized the growing impact of mobile technology on society. The spread of smart phone technology bodes very well indeed for the development of highly customized marketing mobile apps.


Will the development of tailored applications continue during coming years? Both the spread of customized apps and the ongoing popularity of smart phones bode well for this trend. Personalized online marketing appears likely to remain in vogue for the foreseeable future!

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