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How to Give Your Business a Boost With a Mobile App

by Ashley Wilson March 15, 2019
Today, a growing number of businesses invest in custom app development. Why should a company consider using this strategy? What benefits do commercial enterprises gain by commissioning tailored applications for use in smart phones and other mobile devices? This brief article seeks to address some of these practical considerations.

Yahoo!'s New Way to Search - Search Direct

by Roger Janik March 31, 2011
Over the last couple of years Google, and to a lesser degree Bing, have shared the spotlight when it comes to search. In fact, Yahoo! who above all other brands brought search to the masses has found itself slowly in a death spiral that it finds hard to get out of.

Five Tips for Linking in Your Website

by Tony Baker November 22, 2007
Good linking is but one step in optimizing your website, but it's an important one. The links you use should enhance your site, not detract from it or, even worse, drive visitors away. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of the links on your site.

A Personal Touch in the Digital Age

by Tony Baker November 09, 2007
As interactions become more and more digitized and virtual, simple human contact and truly personal touches can have great impact. If you want some ideas for giving your business the personal touch in the digital age, look no further.

Tips for Creating Content for Your Blog or Newsletter

by Jessica Cox and Michelle Pierce November 05, 2007
Rather than letting your blog or newsletter go for weeks or even months without updating, spark your inspiration with these simple tips.

Finding Your PR Topics

by Jessica Cox and Michelle Pierce October 08, 2007
"But...but...how do I find newsworthy topics?" you may be asking. Well, never fear. If you're running low on PR ideas, here are a few places you can look for topics.

Tips for Getting Your Website Up and Running Smoothly

by Tony Baker September 28, 2007
With today's digital society, your website may very well be people's first introduction to your business, and you don't want to give them the wrong impression. Here are a few tips making a smooth entrance online, rather than throwing a page up online for all the world to see.

Blogging 101: How to Get More of Your Business Blog

by Tony Baker September 24, 2007
Blogs are a major benefit to your business, there's not doubt about it. But you've got to put quite a bit into it in order to really reap the rewards.

Pros and Cons of Online Publishing

by Tony Baker September 15, 2007
The mentality that online publication isn't "real" publication is a faulty one. Getting into print magazines is extremely difficult if you're a new author. If you really want to get into article marketing, here are some benefits to seeking online publication.

Advanced Article Marketing: Getting Into Magazines

by Jessica Cox and Michelle Pierce September 13, 2007
If you think you can expand an article you've written to make it substantially different, then chances are good that you'll be able to pitch it to a magazine. But first, you have to get it to the editor and you have to convince them that their readers will revolt unless your article goes in the first available issue.

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