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Why PHP in the web applications?

by Comdev June 20, 2006
A website is designed to provide information to the general public. Thus, it becomes necessary to incorporate various functionalities within the web application to help captivate the audience and encourage greater click through.

What's Missing in Web 2.0?

by Gabor Cselle May 30, 2006
The Web 2.0 boom introduced many applications that were formerly desktop-only territory: Google Calendar, GMail Chats, Kiko, Writely, Pixoh, and DabbleDB come to mind. But imagine spending an entire workday using only your browser, without any desktop applications. For anyone who uses more than just e-mail, that day would be a very unproductive one.

About the Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management Systems are seen across the Internet to help deliver an interactive and user-friendlier web site experience more than ever. Why would you use a Content Management System and what CMS is best for your needs? I will explain.

Designing effective 404 error documents

HTTP 404 Not Found' reads the title. 'The page cannot be found' reads the heading on the page. It's not pretty, or even clever.

E-Commerce 101: The concept

Amazon.com, Wal-Mart.com, Sears.com and Sonystyle.com all represent a relatively new way of conducting online business known as e-commerce.

Five basic tips for your forms

On the World Wide Web, forms are the essence of communication, and yes, there is a method to its madness.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when searching for the right designer

Searching for a designer? Finding the right web designer for your needs can be quite labored, and hopefully I can lend a hand in your endeavors. The most significant aspect of choosing a designer is choosing a 'designer'. Confused? Read on a bit.

Internet Web Site Marketing And Autoresponders

The proven methods to increasing your website traffic and closing more sales ...

Macromedia Flash MX Tutorials Online

Finally a Simple, Video-Based Training System Online that Teaches You Step-By-Step How To Design Web Sites Using Flash!

Online customer care for your web site

Customer care includes tech support, billing inquiries, shipping statuses to good old-fashioned feedback methods. Web users, especially those who pay money for a service online, often require tech support, and they want it fast.

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