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What is meant by NTFS file system?

by Sam Mike June 01, 2007
Important operating systems like Windows NT, 2000 and XP are based on NTFS file system. The purpose for developing file systems is to administer files, folders and to manage all that information needed to access the files from local or remote computers.

Web 2.0: the Network as a Platform

by Munish Dogra May 23, 2007
Web 2.0 Introduction

Digital Line Detect (DLG.exe) – Malicious Program or Not?

by Konstantin Artemev May 10, 2007
Dlg.exe is included into BVRP Phone Tools software suite which provides fax, phone book, e-mail and other sevices. It runs itself at Windows startup, resides in system memory and detects when you plug or unplug digital telephone line. Digital Line Detect is usually pre-installed by Dell and other computer vendors. It is also known to be included into Connexant V.92 and Broadcom modem drivers.

Tools for Online Tracking

by Sharon Housley April 23, 2007
In order to determine which advertising and marketing efforts are effective you must have ways to measure the results of those efforts. Alerts and instant notifications can be instrumental in monitoring search engine position, trademarked terms, monitoring competitors and staying abreast of online occurrences.

Online Backups - Storing Your Files Remotely

by Aaron Walker April 23, 2007
Online data backups will allow you to save a copy of your file or files in a hard drive that cannot be destroyed at the same time as your computer. This way, even if you experience theft or a natural disaster such as a fire or flood you will still have your data.

Captcha -- a Common Way to Fight Automated Submissions

by Deny iorgus April 16, 2007
Computers and Internet have evolved to the point when software tools ( such as standalone programs or web scripts ) can perform automated task on the web, such as navigating from website to website ( spiders ) filling and submitting web forms.

Process Engineering for Internet Solutions

by Arbia Siddique April 05, 2007
The article briefs about the Internet-based product development needs a process model, tailored to support development of quality products at Internet clock speed, while contributing to the Organizational software process improvement. It is quite possible that a demonstration release and a product release may have different features. This necessitates rapid development and ability to manage quick and frequent releases of the product and its impact.

Virtual ISP Technology: 5 Signs That Signal It's Time to Partner with a Wholesale ISP Provider

by Todd Grannis April 02, 2007
As the ISP business has become increasingly dynamic, shrinking profit margins require ISPs to eliminate fixed costs. There’s no more powerful way to cut your overhead and improve your quality of life than by partnering with an experienced wholesale ISP provider.

Top Tips To Protect Your Security Online

by Karl Sultana March 26, 2007
These are some of the most dangerous things you can do online. They are the most common methods people use to place themselves in danger on the Internet.

Encountering Trojans on Your PC

by Teresa Stewart February 22, 2007
Nothing can guarantee the security of your computer 100%. However, you can continue to improve your computer's security and decrease the possibility of infection by consistently following these guidelines.

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