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How to Improve Your Computer Operations with Reg Cleaners

by Patricia Stevens December 18, 2006
If you ever experience slow times on your computer, error messages or other malfunctioning of your systems, you could need your registry cleaned. What happens is that the Windows registry in your computer acts as a central database, with information classified according to various data and / or criteria in successive layers or levels. And Windows uses this stored data to configure your system for not only users but software applications and hardware devices.

WCAG 2.0: The New W3C Web Accessibility Guidelines Evaluated

by Trenton Moss December 15, 2006
The second version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) is in final working draft and will soon be officially released. Version 1 of the guidelines came under much criticism for being vague, full of jargon and extremely difficult to use. The

Why "Trojan Horses" Are So Dangerous for Internet Users

by Kira Foster December 06, 2006
Trojan Horses are one of the most dangerous threats for a PC and its owner. These malicious programs can be completely different. Major worms can also be related to Trojan Horses. Describing and classifying them is very difficult. However, there is one parameter by which all Trojan Horses can be classified to different groups. This parameter is a target of the virus, or in other words, the harm that they cause on the victim-PC. There are six groups of malicious programs that exert influence upon the victim.

An Overview of Computer Network Devices & Components

by Fiza Ali December 04, 2006
A Computer network is comprised of different devices to share, transmit, and boost the signal, voice and data. Network devices or components are the physical parts connected to a network. There is a large number of the network devices and are increasing daily. The basic network devices are: Individual Computers, Server, Hub, Switch, Bridges, Routers, Modems, Printers, DSL Modems & Routers, Gateways, Network Interface Cards, Cabling & Wireless access point. The following is a overview of each of these network devices.

How to Customize Your Own 404 File Not Found Page

by Mark Nenadic November 28, 2006
We've all run into them, the dreaded "404 File Not Found" error page. When you land there, there are a few things that you can do next. On average, what do you usually do first when you hit one of those pages: Immediately click your browser’s “back” button so that you can try somewhere else, try to edit the URL you’re attempting to visit and then see if you can head back a step and work your way to where you want to go, or write an email to the web designer of the website to inform them of the issue that you’ve spotted while navigating their site.

What Are Temporary Internet Files?

by Mil Incorporated November 27, 2006
Temporary Internet Files explained. There is also information how to delete temporary internet files and corresponding index.dat files.

Joomla, Easy Open Source CMS

by John Childs November 23, 2006
Joomla is an open source CMS system (CMS stands for Content Management System). I'm currently using Joomla to develop a number of themed web sites. There is a Christmas site, a recipe site and a travel site. Joomla has adapted nicely to each of these themes.

3 Critical Truths About P2P File Sharing Networks

by Anna Rowe November 21, 2006
Confused about file sharing networks and the risks involved? If so, you're not alone. Many people looking to download free music online have unanswered questions about the hazards involved when using a p2p site - and are equally unsure about possible RIAA lawsuit risks.

IP Address Classes and Private Networks

by Vijayanand Yadla November 20, 2006
A detailed view of different IP classes is provided with examples.

Top Ten Spyware And Adware Threats

by Karl Smith November 14, 2006
Estimates suggest that 90% of computers are infected with malicious software (malware) of some type. They take over your computer, infest it with pop-ups and other junk, or even worse, steal your private information. Although there are countless types of spyware and adware, these are the ones generally considered the biggest threats to your computer.

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