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Browser Check

This script makes the page accessible only to the newer browsers (that can support the script without error) and keeps older browsers from trying to work with it.

Browser earthquake!

Real life earthquakes may induce sheer terror, but browser ones are a whole different story. Using DHTML, we've created an earthquake script that shakes the browser, simulating a quake effect. Use it to grab your visitor's attention, if nothing else.

Browser Information

This JavaScript cookie records the visitor's name and also writes the visitor's browser information to the screen.

Change Image @ The JavaScript Source

It's always neat to dynamically change an image when the user touches it. For this example, I have one image and when you put your cursor on it, it changes to another. If you use this script, be sure to use images of the same size!

Check E-Mail

Use JavaScript to ensure that e-mail addresses provided in a form submission contain a prefix, the '@' sign, and an appropriate suffix (.com, .net, etc.).

Check for Maximum Number of Charactors

Verifies that the number of charactors being submitted is less that a certain length.

Clear default form value script

Use this practical script to automatically clear the default value of any form's input field when the mouse sets focus on it. A great time saver for your visitors.

Clocks @ The JavaScript Source

These scripts all deal with JavaScript Clocks. They either tell you the current date or time into the user's time zone, or another time zone anywhere in the world. They look great on your site!

Color Matcher

The Color Matcher makes it available for you to obtain the exact color you want to duplicate.

Cookie Counter with Message

Counts the number of times you have visited the page and gives you a message as well.

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