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Back/Forward Buttons

This JavaScripts creates buttons that allow you to go back or forward, like the ones on your browser.

Background Effects @ The JavaScript Source

JavaScript Background Effects -- These scripts extensively use JavaScripts dynamic 'document.bgcolor' command one way or another. Some produce a random background image or color, and others flash background colors at the user. Each script comes complete w

Background Fade

Causes the background to fade from one color to another. You can set the colors in hex code.

Basic JavaScript with Examples

In this full-length excerpt from Practical JavaScript Programming, author Reaz Hoque explains the basics of client-side scripting. He also gives you some neat scripts that can enhance your web pages, making them impressively interactive.


Enter into a naval battle against your computer. But watch out, your adversary is not stupid!

Beginner's Guide to JavaScript

Excellent tutorial on JavaScript basics. Also provides tips and working examples.


Very simple JavaScript which simulates a game of Blackjack.

Books @ The JavaScript Source

Just itching to learn JavaScript by the book? Here's a run-down of the titles we recommend. Pick them up at your local bookstore and start learning JavaScript right away!

Bouncing Input Box Text

Bouncing text in an input box.

Bouncing Status Bar Text

Text message bounces back and forth in the status bar.

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