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4 Ways to Create Killer Content for Your Small Business Blog

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Elena Velikova
February 12, 2018

Elena Velikova
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It’s the best kept secret in all of online marketing: great content is the most consistent way to drive people to your website. Despite all of the other tricks, tips, hints, and ploys to market your business on the web, the ultimate way to ensure you’re going to receive a steady stream of traffic is to generate killer content. There’s no magic solution to producing engaging content –– in the main it simply requires a lot of hard work. However, there are ways you can improve the way you write, and the way your customers interact with your blog. With that in mind, here are four methods to enliven your latest blog posts:

Listen to Your Customers

Sometimes, you won’t know what to say until you’ve listened for a while first. Indeed, keeping an ear to the ground to gauge customer satisfaction is vital for more than just improving your blog quality; it’s essential to nearly everything you do. However, when it comes to content creation, it’s a wonderful idea to generate articles or posts that your customers have asked or commented about in the past. Let your customers know that your business is comprised of people who care about their opinions –– and not populated by faceless drones beyond a computer screen.

Be Informative

This may sound like a no-brainer but there are millions of blog posts littering the internet right now that talk a lot, but in the end say very little on a given subject. So for instance if you claim to offer specific insight into a given product like inoculation loops in a blog title, make sure you answer what your readers want to know about them in the post. Search engines will recognize if people are dissatisfied with what they see on a page, and your rankings will suffer for it. Don’t tease your readers; satisfy them.

Eliminate the Filler

When it comes to blog writing, quality definitely trumps quantity. Sure, it’s important to stick to a regular schedule when blogging, but be certain not to spread yourself too thin in this effort. It’s better to write four excellent blogs a month than fourteen mediocre ones.

Consult a Professional

If you’re not a writer –– or if you don’t enjoy writing your company’s blog –– make it a priority to hire someone on who can write it for you. Whether you find a freelancer, someone within your own company, or you outsource the work to a copywriter at a marketing agency, your blog is too important to your company’s success to be neglected. Give it the TLC it deserves and you’ll be reaping the benefits from it sooner than later.

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