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Why Any Successful Business Needs A Full Internet Marketing Campaign

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Stephanie Clarke
June 01, 2016

Stephanie Clarke

Stephanie Clarke is a renowned Utah SEO expert and seasoned writer. She runs an internet marketing blog and a successful SEM company in Utah.

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Internet marketing has changed the way people do business, and how consumers look for the goods and services they need. Today, many businesses are beginning to emphasize their internet and digital marketing initiatives, more than they do the normal traditional mass media marketing. According to most Utah SEO companies, businesses have increased their spending on such marketing steps as landing page optimization and content marketing, more than the conventional advertising methods like print and broadcast media. Internet marketing has grown from the clever technique it used to be to an absolute necessity. It is now delivering much more in terms of results and revenue than traditional marketing channels.

Why adopt a full time internet marketing campaign?

The customer

Customers today no longer search for goods and services on the yellow pages. Majority of the time, many people resort to the internet when they search for things they require. More importantly, though, opinions expressed online are more believable and dissuasive than ever, and this is why every company should be part of the conversation with its customers. Today, research shows that customers rely more on what they have learned from social media and the internet when making purchasing decisions.


Unlike the traditional marketing which is outbound and has funds pumped into a marketing campaign with the hope of catching the attention of the target customer, online marketing is inbound. With online marketing, the internet marketing company targets the specific needs of the customer and what they want.


Internet marketing is real time, and by its very nature should evolve with the real time conversation. This is the reason why so many businesses find it easy to get involved in. The fact that it is real time also means that one gets the results relatively quickly. Results from social media posts, blog posts, email marketing, direct mail and pay per click, for instance, can be tracked as soon as one begins the campaign, providing the company the chance to either modify or intensify its efforts.


One of the reasons why the focus on internet marketing has increased in the past few years is the effectiveness, especially when cost is concerned. While more people are relying on the mobile platform and social media for their purchases, the cost to reach them with marketing initiatives is not too high. Internet marketing does not need the ridiculously high amounts of money that have in the past been invested in mass media marketing.


It is not just the fact that more people rely on the internet and social media that makes an internet marketing campaign attractive, especially with the popularity of mobile. The strength of the internet is that it can reach a worldwide audience, at all times of day and night. However, businesses should realize that the ease with which they can reach customers internationally makes their local customers a target for international competition. This is even more reason to embrace a full time internet marketing campaign.

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