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Transferring Salesforce Test Data has Never Been So Easy Before

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Ruth White
February 10, 2016

Ruth White

Ruth White is a blogger and a data management consultant. She advises her clients to get data migration tools such as the one available at http://www.flosum.com/salesforce-data-migrator/ and to seek professional data management assistance as well.

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Salesforce has always been difficult topic to explain. Some people simply know it as one of the technologies that have taken over the world of business. There is no company that isn’t using this program nowadays. The issue under discussion in this article is how to migrate Salesforce test data from a full sandbox to a developer sandbox easily. There has been a lot of talk about sandboxes, app development and such issues. Here is a brief look at what they are all about.

The common sandboxes

There are basically four types of Salesforce sandboxes. A sandbox is a tool that is charged with the work of creating copies of your business organization in different environments. This makes it possible for you as a developer to proceed with the development work, testing and training without risking your business’ data. Losing data or even distorting it during testing is such a bad experience for many individuals. You do not want to experience such things at all.

Perhaps the most common types of sandboxes are the full sandbox, partial sandbox and the developer sandbox. The full sandbox contains the entire production organization of your business while the partial sandbox contains the business’ metadata. These two are extremely expensive to purchase. This is why many people focus on getting the developer sandboxes whose main work is coding and testing. It is however difficult to test an app if you do not have the test data, right?

Data migration projects

This is where data migration comes in to save the day. When you have a data migration tool like the one available at http://www.flosum.com/salesforce-data-migrator/ work becomes so much easier for you. To start with, you will be able to save yourself a lot of money that would be spent on procuring multiple sandboxes. The full and partial sandboxes are ridiculously expensive. They contain the business environment which is necessary for the testing activity. However, it does not make sense to get one for each one of your many developers.

A developer sandbox, on the other hand, is quite affordable. You can get as many as you would like. Couple this with a data migration tool and you will be good to go. Fetching data from the full sandbox will be so much easier than you could possibly imagine. You can transform each developer sandbox into a partial sandbox by using this data. What you need to do is get the data migrator.

Usually, developers find themselves crowding a full sandbox in search of the test data. In the end, they end up messing with each other’s codes and thus work is never completed as fast as it should be done. With a data migrator this will no longer be the case. Flosum is one of the many data migration tools that are available in the market. It is however the most favored one of them all owing to its excellent performance, its accessibility as well as affordability.

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