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Best 7 Advantages of Using jQuery for Animation

by Jack Dawson September 17, 2015
There is no doubt that flash is a great tool trough which you can add perfect animation to your web page. Today, most of modern websites are displaying attractive animations by using the flash software. Although, flash is the mostly used software, but tech experts all over the world have found some technical deficit in the flash software that can only been fulfilled by jQuery.

Change Image @ The JavaScript Source

It's always neat to dynamically change an image when the user touches it. For this example, I have one image and when you put your cursor on it, it changes to another. If you use this script, be sure to use images of the same size!

DHTML slide show

A multiple featured, easy-to-configure manual slideshow script for your site. Images are automatically preloaded, and can each be set to hyperlink to a distinct URL.

Fade-away cursor trail script

One of the most spectacular and efficient mouse trail scripts you'll find, this one displays a trail that follows your mouse around, though fades away if the mouse becomes inactive. It's window dressing for your site at its best!

Flying Butterfly script

With this DHTML script, a butterfly wonders aimlessly around your page. The little insect can be dismissed by clicking on it. Add a touch of nature!


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Shake image script

This script "shakes" an image when the mouse comes in contact with it. Use it to add instant eye-popping effect to your image links.



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