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Best 7 Advantages of Using jQuery for Animation

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Jack Dawson
September 17, 2015

Jack Dawson
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There is no doubt that flash is a great tool trough which you can add perfect animation to your web page. Today, most of modern websites are displaying attractive animations by using the flash software. Although, flash is the mostly used software, but tech experts all over the world have found some technical deficit in the flash software that can only been fulfilled by jQuery.

The latest substitute of flash player can execute all kinds of tasks related with computer animation that cannot be done with only flash player. Here in this article we will discuss how jQuery can help a professional to create attractive animation for a web portal.

Loads faster than other animations produced by Flash

You will be glad to know animations produced by jQuery never ask for additional plugins to the browser. There is no doubt that today most of internet browsers support JavaScript and the most important fact is that any internet browser compatible with JavaScript is enough to display animations created by jQuery software.

Since there is no requirement of any additional plugin, ajQuery enabled website animations load much faster than those created by flash. It has been found that users waste their valuable in the process of web searching, because if they are on a web page filled with animations created by flash, then it will take a few moments extra to load due to some technical issues.

You should know that flash desperately needs the service of third party plugins without which it will not be able to present their concept before the users across the globe. Moreover, if the browser does not recognize the plugins then the web portals will not able to bear flash created animation in their body.

It is easy to create graphical effects by jQuery
If a computer programmer is using flash to create advanced effects, the professional must have good knowledge in the application of action-script, without which creating advanced effects in animation would not be possible for any programmer.

At the same time, creating advanced jQuery is less complicated and even an inexperienced programmer can easily use after downloading from JQuery’s official website.

It has been found that people have to spend a lot of money to hire an experienced professional to create animation or other affects by using flash, when others who are creating effects using JQuery are spending much less to achieve similar result.

jQuery mobile effects are considered better

There is no doubt that jQuery is a newly developed computer program (newer than flash), thus the software is coming with better adaptation for mobile versions compared to the flash program. It is an undeniable fact that many mobile device operating systems are not compatible with flash created animation. But when it comes to the JQuery, it can be seen that animations created with that software are supported by all mobile operating systems and browsers seamlessly.

We should know the fact that mobile devices come with limited resource and they are not compatible with such technologies that consume multiple resources and that is probably the main reason why most of mobile devices support animations created by JQuery over the flash.

Abundance of jQuery plugins with auto-updated option
jQuery plugins are a group of library files that is known for carrying additional files. While visiting the jQuery web portal, one can avail hundreds of plugins in animation category. Any user who is in need, can browse and choose the plugin he or she is searching for.

Moreover, jQuery plugins can update themselves constantly so that they can make themselves compatible with latest browsers and operating systems.

jQueryis better for search engine optimization
We all know that modern search engines are getting better and technologically advanced than ever before. However, search engines are working at being able to decode the contents created by the flash. On the other hand, jQuery created programs usually come in as text, which is more readable to latest search engines today.

It has been found that websites filled with animations created by flash come much later in the search results. It is a fact that most search engines can read jQuery created contents easily and keeps those websites that filled with effects made by jQuery on the top.

jQuery comes with simple but powerful syntax
The syntax of jQuery will allow you to choose the DOM content on the web page that you like to change with JavaScript. It will also allow you alter effects and actions simultaneously for efficient coding. It is proven that you have to put less effort,as coding single line of jQuery is easier in comparison to coding a dozen lines of JavaScript.

The advanced jQuery software comes with the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for selecting elements. Therefore, the user will not have to learn a different syntax for the advanced jQuery software.

jQueryis a highly extensible computer program
As we mentioned before that that the software is filled with numerous plugins in its library, we also know that the core jQuery library is held tight and focused and it keeps the library out of unwanted elements. The program also offers a plugin database that makes it easy to use JQuery.

One can avail plugins from the official website of jQuery, along with this; thousands of plugins can be downloaded from other third party vendors.

However, if you want to add Ajax or rich user experience to your web portal, there will be no other better option than preferring jQuery. After preferring the software, you will be able to learn that why jQueryis considered as a small and efficient computer software. You will be glad to know that Microsoft has abandoned Ajax to give preference to jQuery library.

Along with this, jQuery software now has become a highly recommended program by the top browsers and search engines in the world of information and technology.

Do you want to utilize the best advantages of jQuery for your web design? The expert professionals are ready to help.

Author Bio: Jack Dawson is a web developer and UI/UX specialist at BigDropInc.com. He works at a design, branding and marketing firm, having founded the same firm 9 years ago. He likes to share knowledge and points of view with other developers and consumers on platforms.

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