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7 Reasons Why Graphics Of Your Ecommerce Business Should Be A Top Priority

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Ashley Rosa
January 29, 2019

Ashley Rosa

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Aesthetics play a crucial part in the success of an ecommerce business.

Moreover, graphic design is the Rosetta stone of aesthetic code. It is a medium of communication between your brand and your target audience. It is used on every step of the marketing funnel to notify the customer, evoke their interest and persuade them to take an action that benefits you. Whether you create a flyer to let your audience know about a recent event that you aim to host or design an email program to upsell a product or service to your existing customers or you can also make a page for the sale of a new product releasing soon. Remember, when you are an ecommerce business or any business, you do need graphic design. So here is a list of the seven topmost reasons why graphic design should be a top priority for you. We have curated this list from multiple, acknowledged source and we hope that you will find all that you need to know from this article.

1.  Association to your brand

Innovative graphic design is essential to every business that aims to make a positive and long lasting impression on their audience. The initial interaction with your company in any shape or form will define how the rest of your business interactions go.

The first graphics for the business include business cards, professional logo design for sales pages, sites, online advertisements the templates for social media posts and even product packaging if your company deals with such products. When a company capitalizes on the very first step, the implementation of relevant graphics that portray your story will work wonders for you. The right graphics will leave the customers with a robust association with your brand. The way a customer associates with you is crucial for your name no matter how big or small of a brand you are!

2.  Visual cues work way better

The human brain is an optical processor. It reacts to visual cues quicker than it responds to words. This fact about psychology is essential to all businesses because it gives an insight that helps you better your branding and implements better calls to action. Your website needs a creative look that persuades the viewer to purchase from you and also recommend you to their near and dear ones. An easy way to do this is to place social media buttons on the most natural and strategic places that awaken the instinct in the viewer to share links on their groups. This is an easy method of communicating with your audience.

3.  Communicates your message

Whether you are a solopreneur selling kids accessories through Instagram, a family of jewelry makers selling things on Etsy or the owner of a massive, market giant. Each business has its own story to tell. Graphic design is your aide in communicating more than just words to your audience. Elements as simple as a different font or a sympathetic color scheme have a tremendous impact in the portrayal of emotion to support your message as a company. Each of your graphics will be used in multiple ways but remember to tie them all to the same story. Make use of branding guides to help you and your team design elements that share the consistent story of your brand.

4.  Consistent performance is a good start

Credibility is vital for any business trying to make it big in a field or their industry. The more consistently your content helps the readers to solve their problems, the more your audience regards you as an expert in the area due to their trust in your advice. Remember consistency is the creator of credibility. If your content relieves, a pain point will make them depend on your words thus establishing your authority over the audience. Consistency in content creation builds dedication in the people that follow and trust your brand. Believing in your message through your visuals will help them trust you.

5.  Makes you look professional

Efficient graphic design makes it easy for professionals to share information quickly with their desired audience. Reports by Hubspot reveal that infographic is appreciated and shared the number thrice on social media than any other type of content. It is a simple way of summarizing information that your audience would otherwise ignore. Since we have already established the importance of visuals on the human mind, the addition of related graphics on your site would make recollection and understanding your information more straightforward for your target audience. If your infographics or any graphic design collectively follow a familiar pattern, then your customers will get a more professional impression of your brand. This will further your chances of getting more clients and also improving your overall engagement.

6.   Adds to the engagement on your site and social media

Content rich in visual elements and graphics are more likely to experience a higher level of engagement on their website and social media. Due to the human attraction towards visual content, high-quality graphics content can improve your ranking on search engines. All types of graphics from photographs, to infographics, can be optimized to boost your relevance on Google and the eyes of customers too. When you target the precise keywords for your site, the engagement on your site will be multiple twofold. When companies like the Leather Skin Shop upload content that relates to their site, they set an example for other companies. 

7.  Age old marketing technique

The use of creative graphics on tangible marketing assets has been an age-old technique. The existence of print media despite the prevalence of web optimization in recent years is still an essential part of marketing with posters, fliers, brochures, publications and what not is an effective way of promoting a business.

Due to the tangible nature of print media, they are often considered a lot more credible. So when you send your products, you can send in promotional stationery, tags, fliers and other items such as bags, coasters or even T-shirts. These practical techniques of using graphics in the printed form will work wonders for your company.

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