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Which Programming Language Should You Learn? Python vs PHP vs C++

by Charles Dearing July 24, 2019
High-paying programming jobs have a healthy job outlook. In fact, demand exceeds supply. There are fewer highly-skilled programmers and developers than there are job openings. Because of this, learning a high-level programming language can be a great career choice for those looking for better paying jobs.

Understanding IT

by Vera a leonik July 09, 2007
Business experts are paying much attention to IT. And it is not more technology they are looking for – it is more business.

Who Sees You? Where Has Your Article Been Today?

by Hamant Keval September 29, 2006
Website Tracking Software that will Track all your websites from one main Dash Board and installed on one website Will Trak your sites for indexed pages, back links and all your articles from one place.

Krell Labs

Provide tools which help solve the mundane problems of database development...freeing you up to focus creatively on your specific business issues.


MiniSQL is a shareware database application for Unix and NT. Very popular for web database applications.


The official home page for MySQL, a freeware SQL database for Unix and Windows NT. Includes benchmarks for several freeware and shareware databases.

Pervasive Software

Offers you a powerful, low-cost database management solutions.

SoomSoom - Everything But Coffee

SoomSoom is a wonderful and easy-to-install software that enables you to access ANYTHING on your computer via NAMES. Everyone knows that a person's name is easier to remember than a document's name. So, the next time you need to open a letter you've writt



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