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Who Sees You? Where Has Your Article Been Today?

Site and Article Tracking Software

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Hamant Keval
September 29, 2006

Hamant Keval
Hamant Keval has been using tracking software to manage website stats and article submissions with SitePageTracker.
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Website Tracking Software that will Track all your websites from one main Dash Board and installed on one website Will Track your sites for indexed pages, back links and all your articles from one place. It will track the 3 ajpr search engines. You will know at a click of a mouse how many pages of each website have been indexed and listed as well as list all the back links to your site. It will track each unique article that has been submitted and where they have been published. Brilliant peice of software that is an absilute cynch to install  No DataBases or MYsql. Only need a PHp enabled hosting.

Knowing whether your sites have been indexed and which pages have been spidered is vital. You may not be aware that you can log into the control panel of your website and access the raw logs in order to be able to see which spiders from the search engines have visited your site and which pages have been indexed. This is not a process that is easy to uderstand as you are accessing the raw logs and unless you are used to reading line by line it is quite difficult.

Now there are 3rd party programs which do cost a considrable expense if you are a serious webmaster and who isn't?. The main problem with most Stats programs is that you tend to get information overload and unless you know exactly what you are looking for you may end up right back where you atarted and no wiser.

This is why I thoroughly recommend a new program I came across 4 weeks ago and it has been in pre release since then. This is not really a Stats programs in so much as it does not provide stats on visitors to your websites such but it gives you some great information on most important aspects of your online business -

a). Which of your sites have been indexed

b). How many pages have been indexed by which search engines.

c). Ability to click through to see the search engine results of pages spidered.

Now that is the kind of information most of us would love to have at our finger tips.

So far the results are extremely positive. The programmer is approachable. He has updated the program 4 times since launch. the presentation is top notch and the price is excelent.

The reason I bought it straight away and installed it on my servers are many.

1). The ease of installation

2). The professional looking platform with only the information you need.

3). The Program is updated regularly.

4). I needed the most important information first.

5). One installation - just enter all your other site details and it will monitor all your sites.

6). The support was top notch even though the installation is a breeze even for a new comer.

The huge benefit of this program is the ability of the program to monitor all of your articles that you have submitted to directories and publishers.

I published an article on Saturday and I saw my reslults on Monday morning - I already had 5 mentions in Google and 1 in MSN. Normally I would have had to go to each search engine and typed in the name of the article and searched for it on each search engine. Not any more!

Is that not the kind of information that you need?

You can get more information on this great software release here : http://www.mybesttraffic.com/presents/SitePageTracker

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