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Ruby on Rails

6 Website Design Trends To Look Forward in 2017!

by Lauren Ebsary January 06, 2017
If you are planning to kick off your online startup in 2017 so prior to actually execute your plan you have to make sure you are fully prepared for it.

Fundamental Rules for Dominating SEO Scenario in 2017

by Parry Wilson January 03, 2017
If you are thinking of dominating the SEO in the upcoming year, you must keep in mind that if you are not trusted by Google, you would certainly not feature on the first page of SERPs. Once you win Google’s trust, nothing could stop you from consistently ranking high.

4 Components Your Website Must Have To Increase Customer Trust

by Harry Trott December 23, 2016
Trust is an integral part of online retailing. According to one study, visitors to a website who interact with both user reviews and the Q&As posted by customers are 105% more likely to purchase compared to those who do not. Interacting with such content helps site visitors build trust and this helps reduce the friction that an online visitor has when buying online.

Why You Should Use HTML WordPress Themes?

by Nicholas December 08, 2016
WordPress is definitely one of the best CMSs you can use for your website out there. It has provisions for virtually any type of website may it be an ecommerce site or a blog.

Optimising your Mobile Marketing this Christmas: Why and How

by James Helliwell November 23, 2016
The Christmas holidays will either benefit your business or have no effect. During this season, most businesses clamour for the attention of their clients using different strategies. With so many other things to consider, buy and plan for, your clients could easily move you to the bottom or their priority list.

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