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B.M.P. Affiliate Offers Affiliate Marketers Four Times Bigger Revenue Opportunity Than Any Other Competitor

May 23, 2012; 12:06 PM

BestMediaPartners.com has released its affiliate program which provides a solution for affiliate marketers to convert multimedia download traffic into real cash.  B.M.P. Affiliate offers some of the highest payouts on the net, making affiliates up to $30 per sale and up to $200 per 1000 hits. The rate jumps to $40/sale, when more than 50 sales per day are made. In addition, 15% two tier referral program is available.

B.M.P. offers good conversion for sites publishing multimedia content like Ringtones, MP3, Video, Torrent (Torrent Trackers as well), PDF, eBook, Games, Applications, and File Search engines.

“We strive to manage our affiliate program with the highest level of professionalism, providing cutting-edge education and tools for our affiliates,” says Sergio Fabi, Marketing Manager at BestMediaPartners.com. “In less than 16 months BestMediaPartners.com has become one of the rising stars in the super competitive world of affiliate marketing.”

B.M.P. Affiliate has several free tools and a wide range of ad materials for affiliate marketers to utilize in order to increase their traffic and commissions: IFRAME-banners, DLE plugins, Search Feeds, Direct-Download links and so on. It is also offered a list of popular and most-converting keywords for newcomers in the business.

One of the biggest advantages of the B.M.P. Affiliate program is its billing system which offers private merchant accounts with direct bank relations. These merchant accounts have very good credit card pass-through - up to twice better than any public billing like CCBill. Generally speaking, it gives 4 times bigger revenue than any other competitor in the field.

“We believe our program can help beginners and even advanced affiliate marketers make more money from their affiliate websites,” added Sergio Fabi.

Proving the success of B.M.P. Affiliate program, one of its affiliates did the following test: He sent 50k hits of Movie traffic to MediaKlondike and 50k of the same traffic to BestMediaPartners program. He was rewarded by MediaKlondike with $300 for realizing 170 pre-sales and 15 sales.

The same 50k traffic sent to BestMediaPartners affiliate program made 250 trial sales and 50 sales.  Given the fact that B.M.P. program pays $2 per trial and $40 per sale, that particular affiliate received $500 for trial sales and $2000 for sale, which totals $2500.

Let’s face the difference again: $300 at MediaKlondike and $2500 with B.M.P. solution. In this case, the difference is about $66000 each month in favor of BestMediaPartners affiliate program.  Putting these numbers into real world example - you can get new Ford Mustang Shelby every month or why not a Porsche 911 every two months. So, it is really worth giving this affiliate program a try.

Thanks to B.M.P.’s two tier referral program, the person who referred the above mentioned affiliate will get 15% of his revenue. Just imagine, it is about $11,250 monthly! Not enough for a Mustang, but a brand new Prius every two months. All that is feasible because of this person shared a link with his referral id. The calculation is easy to be made if the referrals keep growing.

To learn more about this amazing program, just go to http://bestmediapartners.com and start earning today.

About BestMediaPartners.com

BestMediaPartners is a fast growing Internet company, backed by venture investors from Silicon Valley and from the banking sector. It was established in early 2011. Our team is international and decentralized. In less than 16 months BestMediaPartners.com has become one of the rising players in the super competitive affiliate marketing world. We utilize our proven affiliate growth strategies to recruit new affiliate marketers to our programs and increase productivity amongst current affiliate partners.  We manage our affiliate program with the highest level of professionalism, providing cutting-edge education, online tools and ad materials for our affiliates. We offer 24/7 phone, email, and chat support.


Sergio Fabi, Marketing Director

E-mail: [email protected]

Skype : sergiofabi78



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