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ZebraDots Website 2.0 Lets You Build a Full-Featured, E-Commerce Website in 15 Minutes

December 13, 2007; 06:36 AM

WEST HARTFORD, Conn.--Enteractive Distribution Company (www.enteractive.com), the company that leverages distribution and developer relationships to bring quality software to consumers, and partner ZebraDots Software, announced today the availability of ZebraDots Website 2.0. Website 2.0 helps users get an easy-to-use, dynamic, business-savvy website online fastit makes website building easy so that users can get down to business quickly. Enteractives ZebraDots Website 2.0 is available now at select retail outlets at an MSRP of only $29.95. Sites built with ZebraDots Website 2.0 can be hosted with ZebraDots Hosting for as little as $14.95/month, or with any other compatible ISP a user chooses.

ZebraDots Website 2.0 includes everything that a user needs to deploy a professional websiteinside and out. Built on a database-driven content management system rather than on static HTML pages, ZebraDots Website 2.0s easy-to-use tools help even the non-technical user to get a site off the ground: creating product pages, managing orders, tracking inventory and managing customer logins. It comes complete with more than 12 preconfigured pages with links and a built-in e-commerce catalog and shopping cart to make start-up easy. Point-and-click simplicity and interactive features that arent available in off-the-shelf Web design tools mean that a complete website can be up-and-running in less than 15 minutes. And, its database-driven content management system and interactive modules make it easy to keep the site current, relevant and working for the business. The benefits go beyond the initial creation. With Web-based management for access and control of the sites content and structure, upkeep is easy from anywhere in the world.

With Enteractives ZebraDots Website 2.0, a user can set up a fully-functioning e-commerce site in less then 15 minutes, said Howard Luxenberg, President of Enteractive Distribution. Everything the user needs is included, so theyll never have to rent, borrow, or link to other sites just to make their site work.

About Enteractive Distribution Company

Enteractive Distribution Company leverages distribution and developer relationships to bring quality software to consumers. The Connecticut-based company offers small to mid-sized software publishers customizable, full service, royalty-based solutions to gain exposure and sales for their products in the North American marketplace. For more information about Enteractive Distribution Company or the products it represents, visit Enteractive on the Web at www.enteractive.com, or call the companys headquarters at 860-236-8600.

About ZebraDots

ZebraDots Software provides innovative solutions for e-commerce, websites and businesses. The Texas-based software publisher fuses powerful applications with intuitive user interfaces to provide solutions with simplicity. For more information about ZebraDots Software or Website Complete, visit ZebraDots on the web at www.zebradots.com, or contact the companys headquarters at 936-825-6539.



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