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One Buck Wiki Sells Over 1000 Web Pages in Just 11 Days Since its Launch

October 24, 2007; 06:32 AM
October 24, 2007 -- Zedomax Network, a San Francisco-based Web2.0 company, has launched a new website called OneBuckWiki.com on October 12th. Users can buy a web page for only ten dollars guaranteed for at least 15 years. There is a strong buzz among bloggers and eBay users that the One Buck Wiki might be the next marketing tool for traffic and search engine optimization.

Since their launch 11 days ago, the One Buck Wiki seems to have caught fire among some of the Internet entrepreneurs, selling over 1000 pages while averaging about 100 pages per day.

Tempted by the exponential growth of the website, couples users have bought 50 pages at a time buying product keywords as "MP3" and "Cellphone". The One Buck Wiki page-owners have even started selling their pages on eBay.

Most users of the One Buck Wiki have pasted YouTube videos, forums, blogs, or simply put some interesting content with ads to generate revenue from incoming traffic. Some users have even bought their own names in order to reserve their spot in history.

Users can buy a page for only 10 dollars (Limited time only). As page owners, they can promote a blog, e-store or any other website(s). The page(s) users buy will solely have their content and no one else's.

"Basically, it's like Wikipedia but you can buy your own page that only you can edit. With all the spam issues with Wikipedia, paid Wikis such as One Buck Wiki are going to be great alternatives to businesses that are trying to promote their products and services," says Max, One Buck Wiki's founder.

The value of all pages will go up to $20 per page once when they have sold 2000 pages. At the rate they are selling their pages, One Buck Wiki might sell another 1000 pages within the next couple weeks.

The One Buck Wiki is a highly developed brand "new" concept on the ideas of the MDW (MillionDollarWiki.com) and the MEW (MillionEuroWiki.com).

The MillionDollarWiki does seem to have excited the Internet crowd, with some customers buying up to 15 pages at a time. Pages have even been traded, with the "Business" page selling on eBay for $6100.

Basically, the difference between the MillionDollarWiki and the OneBuckWiki is that a person can buy a page for ten dollars instead of one hundred dollars.

They have also launched the Five Dollar Wiki where users can buy pages for five dollars.

Zedomax Network will also be launching more Wiki sites in the near future where users will be able to benefit from community traffic and viral marketing.

OneBuckWiki.com: http://OneBuckWiki.com

FiveDollarWiki.com: http://FiveDollarWiki.com

Zedomax.Net: http://Zedomax.Net


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