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eWorldCompanies, Inc. Announce Boomerang Media Station v. 3.0


Tuesday, April 10, 2007; 02:23 AM

eWorldCompanies, Inc. announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary eWorldEntertainment, Inc. (eWorlde) has released Boomerang Media Station version 3.0 to the general public. eWorld's unique and patented Boomerang Media Station, named for its ability to return to the user's screen no matter what web site you visit, is unique in its ability to stream rich media within the actual application.

Boomerang is a free software program that downloads and installs in seconds and then remains ever-present as the user browses the Internet, offering the user one-click access to limitless entertainment experiences and convenience benefits. eWorld's WALRUS system, which is downloaded along with Boomerang, continues to work in the background to provide assistance as the user searches, surfs or shops the Net, suggesting relevant topics, products and services based on each user's browsing and searching habits. Both programs are spyware-free, install and uninstall in seconds, are very intuitive to use, and work seamlessly in conjunction with the user's browser.

Boomerang version 3.0 "brings the Internet to life" with colorful moving images, animation, 3D Graphics, music, and voice, and allows the user to access virtually any location of the World Wide Web with a single mouse click. From any browser location the user can instantly access all major search engines, communicate with friends, family or business associates, watch the latest movie trailers, demo the newest DVD and music releases, stay abreast of late-breaking news and sports scores, access their own private personal or business networks, and more.

In response to this announcement, Henning Morales, CEO and President of eWorldCompanies, Inc. commented, "Our goal in creating the Boomerang Media Station is to help make each individual user's Internet experience more fun, more personal and more efficient, and the newest features and benefits provided in version 3.0 make Boomerang even more effective and more useful. We will continue to upgrade Boomerang with the latest available Internet technologies as they become available. Our Company's goal is to acquire one million free downloads of our Boomerang software by fourth quarter 2007, and we believe that the added benefits of this latest version will make that goal more easily attainable."

The Boomerang Media Station is available as a free download at http://www.eworlde.com/ or http://www.catchboomerang.com/



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