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Unyte Lyte Brings Desktop Sharing To a New Level for Millions of Yahoo! Messenger Users


Wednesday, February 21, 2007; 04:57 AM

WebDialogs has announced a new plug-in under the Unyte brand that enables Yahoo! Messenger's instant messaging (IM) users to share their desktops virtually.

Unyte Lyte provides secure one-to-one desktop sharing to users worldwide. With one click, Unyte Lyte users can invite contacts from their Yahoo! Messenger list to view their desktops and whatever application is currently running. This new free Yahoo! Messenger plug-in takes Web conferencing beyond the office and into everyday use to review homework, check out and play new games, edit documents, share photos, demonstrate software, give presentationsjust to mention a few creative uses.

Weve designed Unyte Lyte to be the Internets most easy-to-use collaboration tool, said WebDialogs CEO Lou Guercia. And now, through this agreement, Yahoo! Messengers millions of users can take advantage of this simple and secure way to share information online without even leaving their chat session. Its truly a one-click solution.

Users need only Yahoo Messenger 8.1 or greater to host or view a Unyte Lyte session. Download the Unyte Lyte plug-in free at http://us.gallery.yahoo.com/apps/4445/locale/en.

About WebDialogs

WebDialogs, Inc., delivers reliable, high quality Web collaboration services to increase the productivity, effectiveness and value of online interactions. WebDialogs is the top provider of private-label Web-conferencing services to service providers and equipment makers. In addition, WebDialogs provides integrated voice and Web conferencing services for enterprises and collaborative tools for instant messaging (IM), customer relationship management (CRM) and other interactive applications.



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