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WhiteHat Presents the Five Things Every Security Professional Should Know About Website Security


Monday, February 19, 2007; 10:52 AM

WhiteHat Security today announced that Bill Pennington, the Company's vice president of services, will host a Webinar discussing the business challenges associated with effective website security and the importance of timely and complete identification and remediation of the latest vulnerabilities.

The Webinar will demonstrate how enterprises can protect websites from potentially devastating attacks resulting in the theft of customer data and a tarnished reputation. Current security solutions may seem sufficient, but they only fix a fraction of the problems and can be difficult to maintain and use.

    During the Webinar, Pennington will:
     -- Review the importance and dimensions of website security;
     -- Utilize real-world examples of the key security issues;
     -- Present strategies for effective website vulnerability management.

Mr. Pennington is an experienced Internet security executive. At WhiteHat, he manages the development and operations of the WhiteHat Sentinel service. Prior to WhiteHat, Mr. Pennington was a principal consultant at Guardent, an early leader in managed security services. He led the Web application security consulting practice until the company's acquisition by VeriSign. Mr. Pennington is an author of the popular "Hackers Challenge" books and is a frequent speaker at industry events, including the Black Hat conferences. Mr. Pennington is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

To register, please paste the following link into your browser's address bar: https://whitehatsec.market2lead.com/go/whitehatsec/fivethings and complete the brief online registration form. WhiteHat will send you a confirmation email with the URL and the appropriate credentials to participate.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, WhiteHat Security is a leading provider of website vulnerability management services. WhiteHat delivers turnkey solutions that enable companies to secure valuable customer data, comply with industry standards and maintain brand integrity. WhiteHat Sentinel, the company's flagship service, is the only solution that incorporates expert analysis and industry-leading technology to provide unparalleled coverage to protect critical data from attacks. For more information about WhiteHat Security, visit www.whitehatsec.com.



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