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Magnify.net Creates Custom, User Generated Content Solution for Weather.com


Thursday, February 15, 2007; 04:19 AM

Magnify.net, the fastest growing solution for community powered video, has created a new level of functionality for Weather.com with the introduction of a custom content solution that will allow Weather.com users to submit, rate and share video content.

Through Magnify.net's proprietary tools and technology, visitors to Weather.com are now able to contribute their user-generated content by submitting, linking and commenting on video of what's happening outside. Once submitted, videos are "Magnified," allowing members of the community at large to review, comment, and provide their own unique input on the videos.

"Weather is one of the great universally shared subjects we all experience every day," says Magnify.net CEO Steven Rosenbaum. "The ability to provide the Weather.com community with the tools and technology to both share and engage with other user-submitted weather video is a perfect application of Magnify's community-centered technology."

The MagnifyUploader Submit allows users fast and easy uploading of videos in mpeg, Quicktime, Windows (avi and wmv) and Flash 7 file formats up to 50 Megabytes in size. Magnify's Video Player page allows viewers to screen and review videos with a unique slider interface and allows visitors to write their own video review to be posted on the site.

The Magnify.net Uploader is part of a suite of services that Magnify provides to media companies, websites, and video bloggers. The Magnify Peer Publishing Platform is extensible and scalable, and allows media to be discovered, reviewed, and shared among audiences of all sizes.

About Magnify.net

Magnify.net powers user-generated video channels for web publishers, media companies, and video bloggers. The Magnify platform searches and sorts video based on a site's unique interest and engages the users to discover, share, rate and rank them for relevancy and entertainment value. The company, headquartered in New York, is founded by a team of experienced media, technology, and web development entrepreneurs with track record of best-of- breed innovations. With over 1,500 UGV Channels already on the platform, Magnify.net provides customer focused solutions that are critical to the Video 2.0 revolution. For more information visit http://www.magnify.net/.



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