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Web Developer Community Armed With Needed Tools for Mobile Content Creation


Tuesday, February 13, 2007; 03:38 AM

The Web development community now has access to much-needed resources to foster the growth of high-quality content for consumers who access the Internet from mobile phones. dotMobi, the official worldwide registry for the .mobi domain, has introduced http://dev.mobi, an extensive site featuring how-to guides, tools and interactive forums to simplify the creation of mobile content. The resources ensure all mobile content will be of the highest quality, including content on the more than 375,000 .mobi domains already registered.

dev.mobi will encourage interaction among members of the Web development community, allowing them to engage in an ongoing dialogue aimed at building a quality mobile Internet experience. On dev.mobi, developers can participate in mobile development training and forums, read articles by industry experts and find up-to-the-minute mobile industry news. The site also features the dotMobi Developer Guide and tools that can be downloaded to create useful content based on the open standards developed by dotMobi and the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C).

"The success of the mobile Internet hinges on the creation of quality, user-friendly content. dev.mobi provides developers with the keys needed to unlock the potential of the mobile Internet," said Neil Edwards, CEO, dotMobi. "It is dotMobi's responsibility to educate and provide tools for developers whose content will drive the growth of the mobile Internet."

James Pearce, dotMobi's newly introduced vice president of technology, added, "The launch of these tools ensures that all developers -- regardless of size -- have the ability to get their content directly to end users."

A key resource available at dev.mobi is the dotMobi Developer Guide -- a practical tool for Web developers to use in the day-to-day creation of mobile content. The guide outlines mobile Internet standards developed by dotMobi in conjunction with W3C. dotMobi will continuously update, expand and improve the Developer Guide, providing a living tool that will grow with the evolution of mobile content development.

"The dotMobi set of tools for mobile content creation is a key component in securing a user friendly Internet experience using mobile phones. We will incorporate the dev.mobi offering within our Ericsson Mobility World Developer Program offering as a further vehicle to bring enriched services to mobile users" said Jorgen Odgaard, head of the Ericsson Mobility World Developer Program.

"We are pleased about the introduction of dev.mobi. This developer site is filling a gap and meeting a clear need," said Reinhard Kreft, Head of Industry Initiatives and Standardisation, Vodafone. "It's giving developers clear guidance and support in producing mobile content in a way which enables a great user experience on mobile devices. We also expect that technical guides and tools further evolve and keep pace with the fast progressing and diverse technologies in this field. This is delivering significant benefits and ultimately contributes to a good customer experience. The new developer site is thus most welcomed and complements our own mobile Internet strategy."

ready.mobi, a site-compliance testing tool, can also be accessed via the dev.mobi site. The ready.mobi tool performs more than 30 separate tests on any individual .mobi site to help site owners and developers determine how well their site will work on a mobile phone. ready.mobi provides an overall score indicating the mobile readiness of a site, as well as advice for addressing problems discovered during the testing process.

The entire suite of development resources, the dotMobi Developer Guide and ready.mobi are available to the public at http://dev.mobi.

For more information on .mobi domains and how to register .mobi domains, visit http://dotmobi.mobi. Visit the dotMobi blog at http://blog.mobi.

About dotMobi

dotMobi (the informal name of mTLD Top Level Domain, Ltd.), a joint venture company based in Dublin, Ireland with offices in Washington, DC, is leading the development of Internet usage from mobile phones via the .mobi domain. Unique among domain name providers, dotMobi ensures that services and sites developed around .mobi are optimized for use by mobile devices. On-the- go consumers can have confidence that the Internet site or service will work from their mobile device when using the .mobi address.

dotMobi is backed by leading mobile operators, network and device manufacturers, and Internet content providers, including Ericsson, GSM Association, Hutchison 3, Microsoft, Nokia, Orascom Telecom, Samsung Electronics, Syniverse, T-Mobile, Telefonica Moviles, TIM and Vodafone. dotMobi is also a sponsor of W3C's Mobile Web Initiative.

About The Ericsson Mobility World Developer Program

The Ericsson Mobility World Developer Program shortens industry lead times by helping developers plan, create, verify and market applications that work on Ericsson's multimedia solutions and service-layer products. The program offers the technical, business and sales support that developers need to transform ideas into reality. Visit the Ericsson Mobility World Developer Program at http://www.ericsson.com/mobilityworld/.




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