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Brickfish Unveils New Digital Engagement Advertising Platform


Thursday, February 8, 2007; 05:52 AM

Today, Brickfish, the first Digital Engagement Company, announced the debut of its consumer web site Brickfish.com. The Brickfish.com site works in conjunction with the Company’s viral propagation technology and real-time analytics systems to form its Digital Engagement Platform. This platform is used to connect advertisers and consumers through the world of User Generated Content (UGC).

Brickfish rewards consumers who engage with brands by creating, reviewing, voting on, and viewing branded content on the web. Now advertisers can form digital communities based on 100% brand-specific content for their brands. This approach forms a positive feedback loop in which advertisers work with consumers rather than just advertising “at them.” Brickfish campaigns can support multiple types of content, such as video, image, audio, and blogs.

Brickfish opened its site to beta users in August 2006 and launched its production site, www.brickfish.com, in January 2007. The Brickfish.com site is already frequented by hundreds of thousands of consumers from the U.S. and countries around the world. The company has successfully launched over 30 online campaigns showcasing thousands of pieces of brand-specific UGC for well-known companies in the music, fashion, and lifestyles industries.

“Creating the Brickfish platform is our first step toward redefining how advertisers collaborate with consumers on the Internet,” said Shahi Ghanem, CEO, of Brickfish. “The digital era has created a new tension between consumers and brands. Companies are bombarding online users with display-based ads such as banners, pop-ups, interstitials, and the like. This approach of profiting from ads placed in or on a user’s personal content is both bothersome to consumers and increasingly ineffective for advertisers. At Brickfish, we’re solving this problem by creating an environment with zero view-based ads and then enabling consumers to work with advertisers to create branded content campaigns that build a positive relationship and a deep level of brand engagement. Consumers only engage with the brands they choose and get recognized and rewarded for doing so.”

“We built a backend system that creates a level playing field, rewarding all consumers regardless of skill. Our technologies enable instantaneous feedback on the enthusiasm surrounding every piece of branded content and the overall performance of the campaigns. This creates an entirely new type of dialogue between brands and consumers that is collaborative and completely transparent. Thousands of pieces of branded, user generated content have already been created on Brickfish in just a few weeks. In addition, we’ve seen this same branded content voluntarily propagated to multiple media posting websites and social networks,” said Nichole Goodyear, Co-founder and Vice President of Technology.

“Brickfish offered us a unique promotional tool for the release of Senses Fail's Still Searching album,” said Sean-Michael Dore, New Media Director for Vagrant Records. “Any time you can challenge fans to fully engage in a promotion, such as the poster design contest we ran, you can be assured that the people you want to connect to are being reached … you can see the result with each active participant.”

About Brickfish:

Brickfish is the first Digital Engagement Company to provide a comprehensive platform that connects advertisers and consumers through the world of User Generated Content. The Brickfish platform enables consumers to engage with advertisers by creating User Generated Campaigns for their brands. This approach creates digital communities comprised of brand evangelists and 100% brand-specific content, forming a positive feedback loop between advertisers and consumers. Consumers are recognized and rewarded for participating in Brickfish campaigns as they create, review, vote on, and propagate content across the internet. Brickfish also provides advertisers and content creators with comprehensive propagation and reporting tools. The company is located in San Diego, CA.

For more information, please visit www.brickfish.com.



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