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Voltage SecureMail V3 Released; Features Include Strong Anti-Phishing, Centralized Management and Reporting Capabilities


Monday, February 5, 2007; 03:58 AM

 RSA Conference 2007 -- For enterprises seeking to communicate securely with employees, partners and customers, Voltage Security, Inc., a global leader in enterprise privacy management, today unveiled Voltage SecureMail™ V3. This latest version of Voltage's award-winning policy-based secure messaging solution includes more than two dozen major enhancements that improve user experience and further drive down operating costs.

Among the key innovations in this release: Voltage SecureMail V3 is the first solution of its kind to combat phishing within the secure messaging application in order to restore trusted communications; a multi-data center architecture dramatically reduces complexity of deployment and management; and advanced features for multi-tenant use and branding, centralized management and reporting provide deep flexibility, control, and visibility into all aspects of data privacy.

Voltage SecureMail V3 is the first solution to provide comprehensive support for business-to-business (B2B), business-to-customer (B2C) and internal communications. It's an intuitive platform that enables enterprises to:

--  Leverage e-mail as a confidential customer communication mechanism
    while providing protection from phishing attacks;
--  Deliver and maintain strong branding, while promoting the enterprise
    as a trusted custodian of consumer data;
--  Expand the use of secure e-mail to a large, diversified and
    distributed enterprise while maintaining simplicity of management and
    lowest total cost of ownership (TCO); and
--  Adhere with corporate compliance policies through Voltage SecureMail
    audit and usage reports.

Voltage is first to incorporate industry-standard anti-phishing capabilities at the source -- directly into the e-mails themselves. While other secure e-mail solutions require training and additional clicks to authenticate e-mails, Voltage alone is leveraging proven "personal image identification" technology, enabling recipients to immediately trust the e-mail source. This patent-pending solution was co-developed with a selection of Voltage's top Fortune 500 enterprise financial services customers.

Such capabilities come at a critical time for businesses and consumers. Roughly 109 million U.S. adults received phishing e-mail attacks in 2006, up from 57 million in 2004, according to Gartner Inc. The average loss per victim has grown to $1,244 -- up dramatically from $257 per victim in 2004. Voltage greatly mitigates the risk of such attacks through its trusted, secure e-mail platform and advanced anti-phishing techniques.

"As one of the largest departments in the California state government with the mission to protect and improve the health of all Californians, we take our data protection responsibilities very seriously," said James Somahkawahho, Senior Programmer Analyst, California Department of Health Services. "We selected Voltage SecureMail for its leadership in security, management and ease of use and have greatly benefited from this rock solid technology. Voltage SecureMail V3 once again raises the bar for e-mail security. We are excited to leverage the multi-tenant capabilities and enhanced end-user experience throughout our enterprise."

Voltage SecureMail V3 provides over two dozen new usability and management enhancements to address the diverse secure communications needs of the enterprise, including:

Enhanced Usability

--  Intuitive anti-phishing capabilities that renew trust in e-mail for
    low-cost business-to-consumer (B2C) communications.
--  Zero Download Messenger Enhancements that include rich-content
    support, easier enrollment and improved ease of use, ensuring users can
    quickly and easily master the software with no training.

Enterprise Management

--  Centralized privacy management console to support administration,
    policy management, and reporting across distributed deployments.
--  Enhanced logging, reporting and role-based administration to ensure
    corporate compliance with enterprise privacy policy and industry
    regulations (HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.).

Global Enterprise Support

--  The first e-mail encryption multi-data center architecture without the
    requirement of a back-end storage area network (SAN), eliminating the need
    for additional infrastructure expenses as well as complex backup and
    synchronization processes.
--  Multi-tenant capabilities which empower the enterprise to economically
    serve diverse groups, divisions or business units within an organization,
    enabling multiple policies and brands to be contained on a single Voltage
    SecureMail Appliance.
--  GUI-based collaborative environment that enables marketing, web
    development and security teams to craft customized end-user experiences in
    order to enforce corporate branding guidelines.

Voltage SecureMail V3 is also available as a managed service through the Voltage Security Network (VSN), designed for enterprise business partners to gain on-demand immediate e-mail encryption capability at a manageable cost.

(Editors note: Please see Voltage release 'Voltage Revolutionizes E-mail Security with New Managed Service Offering')

"Voltage SecureMail is the fastest growing secure messaging solution in the industry, clearly evidenced by our triple-digit year-over-year growth and growing Fortune 500 customer list. This success is due to Voltage SecureMail's innovative and proven enterprise key management approach," said Wasim Ahmad, vice president of Marketing, Voltage Security. "With Voltage SecureMail V3, Voltage is meeting customer demand to extend the use of secure e-mail throughout the extended global enterprise to not only improve security, but enable stronger communication channels and enhance the corporate brand. By continuously innovating to offer the best end-user experience, most manageable enterprise architecture and strongest solution-focused feature set, Voltage SecureMail V3 sets new standards for usability, management and scalability."

Voltage SecureMail V3, available today, includes Voltage SecureMail Gateway, and Voltage Key Management Server in a single appliance. Pricing for the solution, including the new Voltage Brand Manager, multi-tenant and anti-phishing capabilities, starts at $55K for single data center deployments.

For in-depth information about Voltage SecureMail V3, visit http://www.voltage.com/products. 



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