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iMergent Announces the Launch of ''AVAIL'' Communications Product


Wednesday, January 24, 2007; 02:38 AM

iMergent, Inc., a leading provider of eCommerce software for small businesses and entrepreneurs, today announced the February 15, 2007 launch and release of AVAIL, a new telephone/voicemail/email/fax phone service product to complement iMergents web site development software.

AVAIL will be introduced to potential customers at the companys Training Workshops worldwide. In addition, the product will be offered to all existing StoresOnline Pro customers through the StoresOnline Pro web site, the Newsletter and in the New Features section of the user maintenance web site.

Brandon Lewis, iMergents president, said, We continuously invest in research and development to offer cost effective, sophisticated, yet user-friendly technologies to help our customers better manage their businesses. This is another great example of how we are committed to providing our customers with the opportunity to expand their businesses. Such solutions increase customer satisfaction, as well as drive ancillary product and recurring revenue.

Once again our StoresOnline products deliver huge customer service and cost benefits to the business owners that use our products, stated David Rosenvall, iMergents chief technology officer. Providing a highly professional phone interface - essentially an automated communications center - will help them better manage their time, and ultimately their businesses. In addition, our solution is a fraction of the cost of similar standalone products.

AVAIL features include the following.

  • Unified Message Center: Organizes incoming phone calls, emails and faxes in one place.
  • Text to Speech Engine: Enables customers to customize their phone systems by typing in desired messages.
  • Intelligent Recognition: Associates messages with known contacts and prioritizes messages based on the contacts information.
  • Completely Customizable: Allows users to create as many menus and hunt groups as needed.
  • Easy Integration: Installed and managed through a web site, the system works with existing phone lines and requires no equipment purchases.
  • Hunt Groups: Enables the system to put incoming calls on hold while identifying the appropriate person to help the incoming caller.
  • Multiple Mail Boxes: Gives customers the ability to receive and store voicemail in a variety of customized voicemail boxes.
  • Cost Effective: Offers a customizable set of features for a set-up charge of approximately $99.00, and a monthly fee in the range of $39.95 to $59.95.

About iMergent

iMergent provides eCommerce solutions to entrepreneurs and small businesses enabling them to market and sell their business products or ideas via the Internet. Headquartered in Orem, Utah, the company sells its proprietary StoresOnline software and training services, helping users build a successful Internet strategy to market products, accept online orders, analyze marketing performance, and manage pricing and customers. In connection with Internet software, iMergent also offers Web site development, Web hosting, marketing and mentoring products and services. iMergent typically reaches its target audience through concentrated direct marketing efforts to fill Preview Sessions, in which a StoresOnline expert reviews the product opportunities and costs. These sessions lead to a follow-up Workshop Conference, where experts train potential users on the software and services and encourage them to make purchases.

iMergent, Inc. and StoresOnline are trademarks of iMergent, Inc.



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