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ReportLinker, the Market Research Engine, Surpasses 10,000 Beta Testers in 3 Weeks


Tuesday, January 23, 2007; 02:23 AM

In just three weeks out of beta stage ReportLinker, a professional subscription based search engine, has drawn the interest of more than 10,000 information professionals. Their active participation in the improvement of the beta version shows the professionals’ interest for this new search engine focused on market research reports published on the internet.

ReportLinker is the first professional search engine which allows users to access free market reports available on the deep web, also called invisible web. More than one million public reports, published by 100,000 trusted sources (ministries, embassies, trade unions…) are now reachable in just a few clicks.

For information professionals who would like to join the beta-testers program, visit www.reportlinker.com

ReportLinker is a subscription based professional search engine. It will be officially launched at the beginning of March 2007.



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