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Top Security Companies Pledge to Support Consumer Launch of Windows Vista


Wednesday, January 17, 2007; 03:04 AM

Microsoft Corp. announced that leading security providers are committing to delivering fully tested and compatible versions of their consumer and small-business security solutions by Jan. 30, when the Windows Vista operating system becomes generally available on new PCs and in retail stores around the world. In addition, many independent software vendors pledged to deliver a wide range of innovative applications and services designed to further enable safer online experiences for families and home users in time for the consumer launch.

Throughout the development of Windows Vista, Microsoft has worked closely with security partners to provide technical support resources, access to application testing and compatibility labs, and developer training and certification programs. These efforts help industry partners provide consumers with numerous security and safety software and services to choose from to help make their computing experiences safer from the moment they begin using Windows Vista.

"A more secure computing experience, including protection from online threats, viruses and hackers, is more important than ever before, for businesses and consumers alike," said Ben Fathi, corporate vice president of the Security Technology Unit at Microsoft. "Windows Vista is the most secure operating system we've ever built, and our security partners continue to play a vital role in adding layers of protection onto the Microsoft® Windows® platform. With all of us working together, we can help people feel safer and more confident when using their PCs."

Windows Vista is built to provide in-depth defense against existing and emerging digital threats. Microsoft started by designing Windows Vista using the Security Development Lifecycle, an education, design and testing process that helps minimize security bugs in the operating system's underlying code. New built-in security features such as Windows Defender, User Account Control, an improved Windows Firewall, Parental Controls, and Windows Internet Explorer® 7 Protected Mode and Phishing Filter provide additional layers of protection. Microsoft's industry partners add the final layer by building security solutions on top of the Windows platform. Partner security offerings that are scheduled to be available on Jan. 30 include a range of anti-virus, anti-malware and family safety solutions.

Companies committing to the availability of consumer and small-business security solutions for Windows Vista by Jan. 30 include these:

    -- CA Inc.'s CA Anti-Virus 2007 provides protection against viruses, worms
       and Trojan horse programs that can invade through e-mail attachments,
       downloads, instant messages and the Web. CA Anti-Virus 2007 was one of
       the first security solutions available to Windows Vista beta users,
       providing anti-virus protection to more than 160,000 beta participants.
    -- ContentWatch Inc.'s top-rated Internet filtering software features a
       patent-pending, dynamic contextual analyzer that filters Internet
       content in real time. ContentWatch's software also includes powerful
       remote management, monitoring and reporting, time management, and
       instant messaging management tools to help parents monitor children's
       Internet activity -- even from work or while traveling.
    -- GRISOFT, maker of AVG security solutions, has made available AVG
       Anti-Virus 7.5 and AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5 in both commercial and free
       versions, as well as AVG Anti-Malware 7.5, comprising anti-virus and
       anti-spyware protection with full support for the Windows Vista
       operating system, downloadable at http://www.grisoft.com .
    -- IMSafer Inc. offers the first service to alert parents when their
       children are involved in inappropriate online communications, providing
       parental notification of language that may be indicative of a potential
       sexual predator, and enabling parents to anonymously share and view
       community feedback about contacts they think may be inappropriate.
       Support for Windows Vista includes all the existing IMSafer
       functionality, plus logging and reporting to the Windows Vista Parental
       Controls control panel and a freely downloadable wizard to help parents
       set up Parental Controls in Windows Vista.
    -- Kaspersky Lab will make available Kaspersky® Anti-Virus and Kaspersky
       Internet Security, offering premium virus, spyware, hacker and spam
       protection with anti-malware updates every hour and exceptionally low
       impact on Windows Vista systems resources.
    -- McAfee Inc.'s award-winning consumer software includes VirusScan Plus
       2007; McAfee PC Protection Plus 2007; McAfee Internet Security Suite
       2007 with 8 in 1 protection for a consumer's identity, PC and online
       experience; McAfee Total Protection 2007; McAfee® Wireless Protection
       2007; McAfee SiteAdvisor, the world's first safe search and browse
       technology; and McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus, which prevents consumers from
       browsing to risky sites.
    -- Microsoft Windows Live(TM) OneCare(TM) evolving, all-in-one PC care
       service will provide Windows Vista customers with unified, real-time
       anti-virus and anti-spyware protection and assist them with other
       important consumer PC protection and maintenance needs including data
       backup, the activation of anti-phishing protection (anti-phishing
       features require Windows Internet Explorer 7), automatic updates when
       they are online and the management of firewall policies when its latest
       version is launched on Jan. 30. Because OneCare is a subscription
       service, as new features are developed and released they will
       automatically be available to subscribers. The subscription service
       will be available at http://onecare.live.com and retail centers in the
       U.S. and 16 countries worldwide.
    -- Panda Software International is announcing Panda Antivirus 2007, the
       lightest anti-virus solution in the company's consumer product lineup,
       which uses minimal system resources, and Panda ClientShield, a global
       protection solution for workstations in corporate environments. In
       addition, the company is announcing Panda Internet Security 2007
       Identity Protect to help protect online transactions and confidential
    -- PixAlert, providers of intelligent image auditing and monitoring
       solutions for home and business use, has made its advanced PC
       protection and real-time image-monitoring solution, SafeScreen,
       available in Windows Vista. SafeScreen actively blocks unsuitable
       images from all sources (including the Internet, DVDs and cell phones),
       helping to protect the family from unwelcome content.
    -- SafeBrowse.com's Safe Eyes parental control software, winner of PC
       Magazine's Editor's Choice award, provides a range of customizable
       features for Windows Vista, including content control, time limits and
       instant message monitoring. With Safe Eyes software, families can enjoy
       all the benefits of the Internet without the worry.
    -- Symantec Corp. today announced that the world's first comprehensive
       transaction security solution, Norton Confidential, and the award-
       winning Norton Internet Security and Norton AntiVirus, will be Windows
       Vista-compatible at the consumer launch date.
    -- Trend Micro Inc.'s Internet security with TrendSecure safeguards
       computers, home networks and personal identities. The comprehensive
       software and services help prevent malicious attacks and reduces
       time-consuming interruptions. TrendSecure, a set of online services,
       provides extended protection, at home or on the go. Trend Micro
       AntiVirus plus AntiSpyware offers essential protection against viruses,
       worms, Trojan horse programs and spyware.




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