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BT Business Helps SMEs Protect Themselves Better Online


Thursday, December 21, 2006; 08:10 AM

Small businesses in the UK can now use their broadband connection to access the latest security software and back-up tools for a low price monthly subscription, with the launch of the new BT PC Backup and Internet Security Pack.

This comes in response to the increase of online security risks, with two-thirds of small and medium-sized companies in the UK having suffered some kind of virus attack, and less than 20 per cent backing up their data remotely, even though 82 per cent admit they could not function without it*.

BT PC Backup is an automated business-grade service that remotely backs up PC data whenever customers connect to the internet, no matter where they are, from a fixed-line or wireless broadband connection.

The PC Backup software detects any changes in files and documents on users’ PCs and ensures that they are saved securely. The data is compressed, so that the average daily backup takes no more than five minutes, and encrypted, to make it secure whilst it is transferred over the internet, before being stored at multiple data centres to give complete protection.

Customers can then access or recover their files from any internet-connected computer with their user ID and security password.

The new Internet Security Pack provides the latest desktop protection against all known threats and includes best-of-breed anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall and content filtering, including pop-up blocking and anti-phishing, all delivered through a single desktop client developed exclusively for BT by Authentium.

Available to all existing and new customers, the simple-to-install software automatically updates, including new virus definitions so that users always have the latest protection.

It also allows business owners to ensure their company is safe, by giving the status of each PC via a simple, intuitive Web-based portal. The service is supported by a 24/7 BT helpdesk.

Chris Lindsay, general manager, broadband and VoIP, at BT Business, said: “ Online security and protecting electronic data is vital for every business, no matter what their size. The trouble is that many small businesses don’t have the budget required to achieve this. As a result, we’ve developed a range of services that offer customers the very latest business-grade security and remote backup for a low monthly fee, which means they can be confident in the knowledge their systems are secure and, should the worst happen, their business data is safe.”

There are no upfront costs for either product, with BT PC Backup starting at £5.95 per month (ex VAT) for 1Gb of storage and BT Internet Security Pack costs £4.99 (Excluding VAT) per user per month**. BT Business Broadband starts at £19.99 (ex VAT) per month***.

For more information, go to: http://www.btbroadbandoffice.com/internetapplications/.

* Independent research conducted by the Institute of Directors during July and August 2005

** Minimum initial contract of 12 months. One month notice period, after the initial 12 months is complete. Terms and conditions apply.

*** BT Business Broadband Lite: £19.99 (ex VAT) for the first three months, then £21.99 (ex VAT) per month, plus charge for router (£49/£79 ex VAT). Up to 8Mbps download speeds and 10Gb monthly usage allowance. Terms and conditions apply.



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