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BagOsoftware Launches Website for Shareware and Free Software


Monday, October 30, 2006; 02:27 AM

BagOsoftware.com, an online software directory featuring information, descriptions and download hyperlinks to more than 11,000 trial versions of commercial software, trial ware, shareware and public domain software, launched today.

Software products ranging from educational product to screen savers, games, spyware products, VoIP, Instant messengers, e-mail tools, design tools, security, CAD, dictionaries, audio and video tools, database tools, backup tools and web development tools are all featured in topical categories and ranked by popularity, user ratings, download volume, and the most recently added. Users have the ability to rate each software product and write a users review (registration required) to share with other users.

The software, ranging from completely free to trials of commercial retail software products valued at hundreds of dollars are profiled with blog areas for user reviews and ratings. Links are provided to the software publishers providing for web based software download.

Users have free access to all product profiles, reviews, ratings and software download links. Software publishers can be listed for free via an online form or .PAD file submission.

BagOsoftware.com is based in Austin, TX and is free to all users. Users can read other users ratings and reviews, add their own ratings and reviews and access the download hyperlinks to download from software publishers websites. Software publishers can be listed free.




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