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Study Shows WiMAX Gaining a Strong Foothold


Monday, June 19, 2006; 02:02 AM

WiMAX has already established itself as a viable technology for providing broadband data services. It is being used to bring broadband to developing countries, to compete with fixed broadband services, and to extend broadband to rural areas. TelecomView's new report Broadband Strategies for the Fixed Market identifies 75 Broadband Wireless deployments.

"We forecast that fixed WiMAX networks will have 88 million subscribers and account for $43 billion in system spending by 2011," stated Ian Cox, Principal Analyst at TelecomView and coauthor of this report. "We found that better than 60 percent of these subscribers will be in developing countries."

"Our business cases show that WiMAX will be competitive with fixed DSL services where copper loops are in place," stated Bob Larribeau, Principal Analyst at TelecomView and coauthor of this report. "However, WiMAX is the only choice where copper is not available."

The report also looks at the potential for converged fixed and mobile WiMAX services. It finds that up to a quarter of the subscribers in this forecast will be using a converged service that combines fixed and mobile WiMAX by 2011.

This report is available for $2,495 and identifies the strategies of major wireless carriers and systems companies. It covers new fixed WiMAX deployments, discusses regulatory issues, and the business case for both business and consumer applications. The forecast is segmented into four regions globally and includes data for the main developed and developing countries.

This is the second in a series of reports from TelecomView on the broadband wireless market and follows the first called Broadband Strategies for the Mobile Market. More information is available at telecomview.info .



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