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Kaboodle and eBay Partner on MyCollectibles Website


Monday, June 12, 2006; 02:10 AM

A new site integrated with eBay extens the collecting power of Kaboodle to the real world collectors of eBay. Kaboodle is a free Web 2.0 service for creating shareable lists, and eBay is a pioneer in the world of user-created content and helped define how communities can be a powerful force on the web.

The site MyCollectibles is available through Kaboodle at http://mycollectibles.kaboodle.com and also through eBay at http://www.ebay.com/mycollectibles.  The companies have launched a set of new features for the user community to support the site launch:

1. Creating an item: You can now create an item that is not a bookmark but original item with ability to upload up to 4 images of the item. You can tag and classify the item in a variety of ways. You can also link the item to it's eBay listing, if it's for sale. A nice visual tag will appear next to the item if it's for sale on eBay.

2. 1-Click import from eBay: You can import all the items bought in the last 60 days on eBay onto Kaboodle and organize them in one or multiple Kaboodle pages. Each item is visually tagged as bought on eBay.

3. Fulll multi-level browsing: of collections and pages. You can access this feature through the Explore tab at the top. The top level navigationhas been revised to make it easy to find and navigate to different parts of the site.

4. Ability to vote on pages/collections: You can now vote on your favorite pages/collections and they will start to appear in the most liked area. This section will increasingly get more prominent billing in the site in the near future.

5. Member browsing:  The Members tab allows yo to visually browse other members in the system. This is an early release.

6. New page types:  New page types like shopping, travel and collectibles. This expands the existing page types of wish lists and top picks. The page types facilitate two things. First, they allow custom features e.g. in wish lists you have the ability to reserve a gift. Second, they create a natural taxonomy that facilitates browsing and exploring in Kaboodle .



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