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WebAsyst Collaborative Software Suite Upgraded


Friday, June 9, 2006; 04:22 AM

WebAsyst LLC announced a major restructuring and upgrade to WebAsyst Suite - its family of web-based collaborative software applications (http://www.webasyst.net). The changes are centered upon Contact Manager - a centralized web based system which simplifies communications with clients, business colleagues, employees, vendors, as well as personal contacts (http://www.webasyst.net/contact-manager.htm).

Contact Manager application is now included in the WebAsyst core, an integral part of every application. It is the central component of WebAsyst Suite, significantly enhancing user and contact management capabilities of WebAsyst software. The new, improved version of Contact Manager offers a unified screen from which to navigate and manage contacts, keeping WebAsyst users accessible from the same screen.

“Contact Manager is the structural basis of WebAsyst contact-centric model. In our collaborative software model, WebAsyst users, their customers, subscribers, visitors, project team members, email/sms recipients etc are all contacts. Every WebAsyst application is driven by contacts; e.g. Document Depot keeps files that are processed by users; documentation created and published with Quick Pages is shared with many contacts; and Mail Master (to be released soon) - the most shining example of contact-centric application - allows users to send newsletters, announcements, messages etc. to a wide array of contacts (subscribers, users, employees, project manages, team members),” says Vladimir Tuporshin, Managing Director of WebAsyst LLC.

In this upgrade WebAsyst LLC introduces a powerful feature – Contact Lists. WebAsyst users will be able to create lists of contacts/users based on different criteria; e.g, List A may contain all contacts from selected folder, List B – all active users, List C may contain just certain contacts and/or user groups etc. Customers can use Contact Lists for emailing, text messaging (SMS), or reporting purposes.

Also released in this upgrade is another great feature – the Sign-Up Form. WebAsyst users will be able to create it in just three clicks, place this form on their website, and let visitors register. All information will go directly into users’ Contact Manager databases, completely simplifying the process of sending news, announcements, messages, etc. to all subscribers.

The new upgrade will also include some minor technical improvements.

For more information and a free trial of WebAsyst products, visit www.WebAsyst.net.



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