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iFaves Upgrades Browser Bookmarking Functionality


Tuesday, May 30, 2006; 06:34 AM

iFaves is a new, free bookmark manager that saves users time and frustration by replacing the "add-to-favorites" functionality of existing browsers with features such as remote access, instant sharing, descriptive notes, tag-based organization and a customizable start page. "The most frustrating part of doing research online, or even just surfing the web, is trying to organize the things you want to go back to," said Ian Donen, Co-Founder of iFaves. "We needed a simple but powerful way to organize and share bookmarks."

iFaves, at http://www.ifaves.com, gives users the ability to:

- save favorite links securely on a central server (no need to worry about backing them up or losing them in case of a computer failure)
- automatically and instantly share with individuals or groups
- remotely access saved bookmarks (and all other functionality) from any computer connected to the internet
- store descriptive information about individual web pages, such as login information
- find and view saved bookmarks in multiple ways including search queries, by date, and by usage statistics
use single or multiple tags (short descriptive words) for organizing via a tree view
- create notes, to-do lists, diaries, blogs and more
- view enhanced web content, such as RSS news feeds and thumbnails of bookmarked photos.

iFaves is a simple intuitive web service that works with all browsers. A quick start guide along with step-by-step help are available so new users can start adding bookmarks within minutes. Previously saved bookmarks can be imported and quickly reorganized as needed. Users can try a full-featured demo pre-loaded with useful bookmarks organized by tags on topics such as careers, reference, shopping and travel. As a completely free online service, there is no software to install and no personal information is required to register.

In addition to personal bookmarking, iFaves can be used for many group-related tasks. For example, managers and professionals can share industry and competitive information. Work teams can use it to assemble and share project information. Teachers can share educational resources with their colleagues, and students can use it when they are working on group assignments. And at home, families and friends can share links to potential vacation locations, recipes, hobbies, or Christmas gift suggestions.

"With iFaves, all my favorite sites are on my browser's start page, and everything else is essentially two clicks away," said Donen. "One of the things I like best is that when bookmarking a site, if I want to send it to someone else, which is something I do a lot, it's one click on their nickname, instead of copy and paste the URL into a new email every time."



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