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What Cookies Can Do for You

Discusses various ways to use cookies to collect information, from Web Monkey.

What is ActiveX?

Small introduction to Active X and various functions.

What is Dynamic HTML?

Short introduction to DHTML and how to use it.

What is Dynamic HTML?

Brief introduction to DHTML and how to incorporate it into your site.

What is Perl?

The Perl Journal explains Perl, how it works, and what it does.

What is XML?

XML basics with links to other resources.

What Makes People Click : Advertising on the Web by Jim Sterne

An easy-to-read business book for marketers, advertising reps, and Web reps, "What Makes People Click: Advertising on the Web" describes what the future holds for Web advertising. Readers will learn how to develop a Web advertising strategy, find Web site

What the Heck is CGI?

An introduction to CGI programming using Perl with emphasis on how HTML forms interact with a cgi program, and how to get a program to work.

What You Need

This tutorial explains what you need to begin programming your own CGI scripts with Perl. Check here first to be sure you have everything you want or need to begin.

When designing a web site, keep the old KISS adage real close in mind

I can't tell you how much I hear about beginning and even more experienced web designers craving the advanced features that the web offers, like DHTML, Flash animations, Shockwave, music, etc etc.

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