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CGI.pm - a Perl5 CGI Library

CGI.pm makes writing CGI scripts with Perl5 much easier by containing many often used routines in one package.

Chami.com Perl Information

Lots of good information on Perl.


Huge site for programmers with articles, big directory of tutorials and files, and forums

Mining Compnay: Perl

Good source for Perl Information. Includes various scripts.

Perl Module Mechanics

Learn to use Perl modules to improve your programming.

Perl Paraphernalia

Lots of articles on Perl as well as other Perl related information.


Perl documentation project. Online manuals, faqs, cpan modules, scripts. Our site offer free cgi help via support forums


The ultimate Perl resource. THe best place to start if you are looking for Perl related information.

PERL5 Regular Expression Description

Find out how to ue regular expressions in Perl. Contains many examples.


perlWWW is a (personal) attempt to index (free) Perl programs, and libraries, related to the World Wide Web.

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