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Web Video - Why It Works

by Peter Johnson September 11, 2007
One of the newest and most effective ways in which an individual is able to market their product or service online is via web video. The obvious comparison is the similar attention received from television- we are drawn to moving imagery over static imagery. Web video is effective, inexpensive and catches the attention of the viewer whether they mean to be engaged or not.

What is a Video Server?

by Wes Fernley February 21, 2007
This article discusses the question, "What is a Video Server?" It will explain what these devices are used for and how they are beneficial.

Web Video Made Simple

by Bob Dean Stanford September 20, 2006
You may have noticed that a large number of websites are now featuring videos, everything from music videos, to online training.

All About Multimedia

Questions and answers to many multi-media related questions.

Apple QuickTime

The Apple QuickTime homepage for Mac users. Lots of good information.

How to Set Up a Web Cam

Short introduction to setting up your own web cam. Includes a discussion of available software.

Live Video Productions, 3D Animation & Graphic Design

A single source for all your graphic needs, video, 3D animation, graphic design

MPEG Pointers and Resources

Lots of information relating to Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG).

Multimedia Tutorial

8 part tutorial from Web Monkey that covers audio, video, and other forms of multimedia on the web.

Putting Video on Your Web Site: The Basics

Excellent information for adding streaming video to your site. Covers software and examples.

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