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A unix shell script for automatically converting a static HTML document to a JavaScript string variable.

Expiring Offer

A small script that generates expiring offer pop-ups that disappear after the designated time.

Frames Creator

This JavaScript will create HTML frames for you! Very nice!

Hex Converter

This JavaScript converts a hex code and tells you its name (ie: FFFFF converts to white).

HTML Tag Creator

Use JavaScript to create HTML. Very helpful JavaScript for creating web pages.

Item Pad

This Javascript will store list of several items you enter. Just enter an item and click 'Add to List'. When you are finished, click 'Show List' to see the entries.

JavaScript Test

Tests whether your browser is JavaScript compatable.


When invoked from a context menu in Internet Explorer, this document copies a HTML snippet to the clipboard. The snippet links the highlighted text to the current URL. Typically, I use it for copying news headlines to my website.


A collection of small utilities for JavaScript and dhtml developers who work on Unix platforms. These utilities are regular-expression applications which automate common tasks. These are Perl and Bourne shell scripts. Very easy to use and easy to modify.

Scroll Button

Click on a button and the browser window scrolls down.

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